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Patagonia Boat, Fishing Tackle, Gear & Travel Bags

The full range of innovative and high performance Patagonia Fly Fishing Tackle and Gear Bags are available from the Caddis Fly Shop.

Patagonia. Although the name is more often thought of in the genre of rock climbing, summiting Denali, or surfing – we find ourselves reaching for Patagonia tackle and gear bags when we go fishing on some exotic destination or down to the local farm pond to fish for bluegill.

Guide Reviews and Video of Patagonia Tackle, Boat, & Gear Bags.

Patagonia produces excellent waterproof, rain & splash resistant gear bags for fly fishing tackle, and traversing trails and airports. The Patagonia Great Divider is a personal favorite in the Boat Bag category and is perhaps the easiest to use and most waterproof.

The Caddis Fly Shop inventories Patagonia’s latest line of Patagonia gear bags, particularly the products we find most useful in our fishing day-trips and travel. Want to keep your gear packed and ready to roll at a moment’s notice? Patagonia offers some great options in the tackle and clothing bags that are suitable to our fishing adventures.