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Patagonia Vest Front Sling

This item is currently out of stock!

Patagonia’s NEW Vest Front Sling offers a vertical pocket vest-like front with a larger storage pack sling behind. offers this lightweight packable Vest Front Sling to you with free shipping options and no sales tax to most destinations.

The Vest Front Sling has a large sling pocket that can be swung around for easy access to larger fly boxes, jackets, lunch, your camera etc…

The lightweight Vest Front Sling is perfect for the trout or steelhead angler who likes to minimize bulk in the chest area but retain capacity for the essentials.

Numerous internal pockets will help organize the smaller items and a nylon utility keep provides attachment points for zingers, nippers, retractors and more.

A 100% waterproof welded security pouch is included with the Vest Front Sling.

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