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Patagonia Stormsurge Great Divider Boat Bag


The Patagonia Great Divider Stormsurge Gear Bag continues and improves on an already fantastic product for the all season fly angler.

Guide Reviews and Video of Patagonia Stormsurge Great DividerGear Bag.

Patagonia Stormsurge Great Divider bag is clearly our great unifier: a personal favorite in the Boat Bag category and perhaps the easiest to use and most waterproof.

How does the NEW Great Divider differ from generation one and two gear bag:

Overall the third generation is firmer, the upper zippered top is a little easier to snug and zip closed, there is a firm-removable insert to provide a work platform inside the lid, and there is an outside zip-pocket on the side of the bag for slim gear, licenses, hundred-dollar bills, and the like. Additionally the fabric has changed a bit. Now an 11.75 800 denier 100% nylon with a PU exterior coating and TPU interior coating.

We are unabashedly fishing tackle and gear wonks here at the Caddis Fly, but we are extremely demanding of our bags to carry our fishing tackle and gear. We have the opportunity to test every supposedly waterproof tackle boat bag widget under the fly fishing canopy, and if something stays in our boat, truck, plane, or kitchen sink for more than a year, it has passed the test many times over. The Patagonia Stormsurge Great Divider is an example of a gear transport storage weatherproof device that has earned a place in our hearts and boats year after year. No bull.

The Patagonia Stormsurge Great Divider is a waterproof fishing tackle and gear bag that is really waterproof and also lasts and lasts. Some of us are using the Great Divider gear bags we purchased 6 years ago. Season after season, year after year. Summer sun. Winter rain. Hail. Snow. Salt spray. Mud. Sand. Everything Mother Nature has chucked at us.

The Patagonia Stormsurge Great Divider is a Waterproof boat bag. No we have not held it submerged, but we have had our fishing tackle gear bags sitting in the bottom of a boat in 6inches of water in a constant downpour and no leakage!

The Patagonia Stormsurge Great Divider Boat bag is perfect for the large 21 compartment fly boxes stacked on end. We stash 4 of these big boxes full of worms (oops, flies), several fly reels, spare fly lines, a Safeway Roast chicken, twenty sticks of butter, and a dozen chocolate mocha bars. These Stormsurge Patagonia Great Divider waterproof bags are tough, abrasion resistant, and did we mention, watertight?

Remember, we are Simms and Sage fly fishing nuts around here. Simms Rocks. Sage rocks. All this droning on about this Patagonia Great Divider fishing tackle boat and gear bag simply means that it has earned a place in our tackle bag inventory, a place in our boat, and has been found to meet our practically crazy-high standards for excellence. Consider purchasing a Patagonia Stormsurge Great Divider Boat bag. Call and ask our guides how they like their patagonia Great Divider Boat Bag. Then decide.