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Composite Brushes from OPST


Composite Brushes are a new-for-2017 product that is the most spectacular innovation we have ever seen for tyers crafting flies for steelhead, salmon, trout, pike, musky and who knows what else?

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Several creative fly tyers have been perfecting the art of spinning a variety of materials in their dubbing loops.

By using these Composite Brushes, any fly tyer can accomplish the same feat that experienced tyer would normally require more time and much practice.

Although we have focused our attention on salmon and steelhead flies in the Intruder style category, the opportunity to tie flies for a dizzying array of fresh and saltwater species is unbounded.

Composite Brushes are saltwater safe because they are built on a stainless wire core. They produce an appealing profile by simply winding on a single turn around a hook, shank, or tube. Sparse butt and shoulder segments of Intruders can be composed from one or two turns of these composite brushes. These brushes incorporate plenty of flash and display great wiggle and motion.

Composite Brushes are the product of Fair Flies. The color options are limited as the line is being developed and tested, but we anticipate that the number and usefulness of the brushes will expand significantly in the future. For now, Composite Brushes incorporate a combination of: * Ice Dub * Baitfish Emulator Flash * Ripple Ice Fiber * Barred Magnum Flashabou * Rubber Legs

Again, in the experimental tying we have done, each brush is capable of producing at least 5 shoulder stations on Intruders.

These Composite Brushes are the fly tier's best friend, allowing every tyer to achieve the results of complex dubbing loops.

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