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Nymph Head Brass Beads

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Nymph Head Fly Color Brass Beads come in 10 killer colors for tying trout and steelhead flies.

Nymph Head Fly Color Brass Beads come 15 per pack stocks both natural colors and attractor colors of the Nymph Head Fly Color Bead series. Traditional colors, gold, copper and silver are also in the line up.

Scratch resistant anodized finish and super color options available.

Nymph Head beads come in colors and sizes that will match flies from midges to streamers.

5/64 (2.0mm) for Hook Sizes #18 to #20

3/32 (2.4mm) for Hook Sizes #16 to #18

7/64 (2.8mm) for Hook Sizes #14 to #16

1/8 (3.2mm) for Hook Sizes #12 to #14

5/32 (4.0mm) for Hook Sizes #8 to #10

3/16 (4.8mm) for Hook Sizes #4 to #6

Each package of Nymph Head Beads has the hook to bead size specs on it. The Nymph Head team has made using beads, skulls, and shanks as easy as can be.

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