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Nymph Head Evolution Caddis Beadhead


CADDIS fly bead heads- SAME DAY Shipping, NO Sales tax

These Nymph Head Evolution tungsten CADDIS beadheads add realism to your best nymphs and wet flies.

New in 2014, these heads will revolutionize the nymphs we tie and fish.

These CADDIS fly tungsten beadheads are the ONLY way to create a fly with realistic shape head.

Viewed from front and side, these will amaze you with the head taper and eye bulges.

These eyes are on the sides of the head and the head shape is somewhat like a band around the head of the hook but is triangular when viewed from the front.

A genuine improvement over the standard round bead: not that we are giving up on our stash of brass, gold, rainbow, tungsten, and glass beads, but we believe that the realism these new tungsten beads provide is going to up the ante in the poker game of trout fishing.

Slip one of these heads onto your hook and tie one of the most amazing nymphs you have ever seen. Trout can see these little beady eyes, and these look great.

You’ll be impressed: with the overall look and impression that nymphs tied with these new heads will make on your flies.

Three realistic colors: brown, black, and olive. One of these CADDIS beadheads will fit the nymph you want to imitate.

Can trout see well enough to tell the difference? Absolutely yes. We do not know how much difference this will make on each fly and each fish, but trout can see very well, as we have learned when fishing from fish that are feeding selectively by size, color, shape and so forth.

Beads per pack? 15 count

Hook size recommendation for CADDIS fly beadheads:

Please note that the hole in the back end of these beads is slightly larger than you might have expected with traditional beads. This is an intentional design feature and should make these beads adaptable to a wider range of hook sizes and styles than our normal beads. As usual, some experimentation will be required but generally:

Size: XS fits hooks 14,16, 18 Size: S fits hooks 12,14 Size: M fits hooks 10, 12 Size: L fits hooks 8, 10

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