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Nautilus Giga Arbor NV Fly Reel Spool


Nautilus NV Giga Arbor Spare Spools are durable and built to last in any angling environment across the globe.

NV-G spools are maintenance-free, lightweight, and are constructed with state of the art titanium materials.

The spool design is specific to the NV-G and can be classified as an extremely large arbor that provides unmatched line pickup. This spool design also reduces reel weight immensely whilst also preventing line coiling. When we say fast line pickup, we mean it: up to 15 inches per revolution on the NV-G 10.

Did you know that wet backing is the leading cause of corrosion in fly reels? Its true. So Nautilus fixed that and made sure it wouldn't corrode any of their NV-G models. Nautilus made a point of creating air space under the backing to promote drying. Backing on NV-G models dries 14x faster than other reels. That equates to other reels corroding 14 times faster than NV-G models.

Adding a spare spool to your NV-G reel is a cost effective and efficient way to stay prepared on the water. Whether you use your NV-G for both freshwater and saltwater pursuits and need an extra spool to accommodate for that, or you wish to have multiple line types available to you in either a freshwater or saltwater setting, you will love the versatility a dependable extra spool can provide.

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