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Nautilus FWX Fly Reel

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It's been tough to come up with really cool new stuff in the fly fishing industry over the past few years. The fact is business hasn't been booming. The post River Runs Through It boom is over. The anglers that remain and that are now entering the sport are blessed to have an immense choice of super high quality gear top to bottom. "Price Compression" has occurred big time in rods with Echo and Redington creating great stuff at half the cost of the big boys. The reel market has been similar, the once magic price point of $100 for a quality reel is flooded with large arbor machined imports that really do the job pretty well.

The USA reel makers have coveted the $200-300 price range for a super quality machined reel from 6061-T Bar Stock Aluminum Reel and there are a bunch out there. Again most of them are great, they have excellent drags, good looks, they weigh nothing and have large arbors.

Here is the deal with the new Nautilus FWX Fly Reels. The FWX is a $400 reel with a $250 price. Kristen Mustad owner of Nautilus Fly Reels is a great guy, he is basically giving away $50-100 bucks here. These reels are amazing. The have the looks no question, but they also have the feel of distinct quality that few reel manufactures have been able to capture.

The new FWX fly reel from Nautilus will make you wonder if there is a reel attached to the rod, seriously they are that light. The spools will interchange with the old (if 5 years is old) FW models. That's good because the 13 I have been using in my guide service over the past 5 years will stay in the tackle arsenal. But will they get used?

The new FWX reel is the most exciting fly reel to come to market in a long time. Not only is the FWX a proven performer, with similar guts to the FW but is has a classy look great feel and is the best value on the market. The prices range from $255-$325, seriously folks this is an amazing buy.

Custom colors are available and we have purchased some of the cool colors to match some of our rods. We will list those as they come into our stock.

Available in 4 models: FWX 1/3, FWX 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8, and they are compatible with the older FW reels.

FWX 1/3: WF2F + 80 yfd of 20lb backing. 3.4 oz. $255/125 FWX 3/4: WF3F + 110 yds of 20lb backing. 3.6 oz. $265/$130 FWX 5/6: WF5F + 150 yds of 20lb backing. 3.8 oz. $275/$135 FWX 7/8: WF7F + 200 yds of 20lb backing. 4.1 oz. $325/$160

Other key features include: One half ounce lighter than the FW models. Like the NVG models the new FWX has the "giga arbor" or super large arbor design. This gives the ultra quick pick up and great looks. A new one way stainless steel clutch is housed in a proprietary torq-x cluth drive that ensures instant smooth drag. Right to left switch is a piece of cake. Fresh or saltwater compatible.

Finally, one of our newest creations to come out of the nautilus think-tank is an industry first laseridª line identification system: we have laser etched a white spot on the back of each fwx spool so that you may write the line type and weight that you are using on that spool. Write it on with a permanent marker and wipe it off with alcohol when changing lines. Also good to use to write your name or phone number in case you lose the reel. no more washed out or lost line stickers!

Custom colors available allow 3-5weeks. For custom parts give us a call or write in your notes what you would like.

Nautilus FWX Fly Reel RED Custom

Custom Nautilus Fly Reel

Nautilus Custom FWX Fly Reel

Nautilus FWX fly Reels

Nautilus FWX Custom Reel

Yellow Nautilus FWX

Nautilus FWX Fly Reel Custom Orange

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