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Monic Phantom Tip Bonefish Line


The Monic Phantom Tip Bonefish Fly Line features an aggressive taper to combat casting in windy situations with the addition of stealthy presentation that all good Bonefish lines need. New semi-stiff low stretch saltwater core and Monic proprietary Clear floating tip give anglers an advantage when it counts.

The Phantom Tip Bonefish is available in 7, 8 & 9 weight options. Overall taper is 46’ long. Making good casts to Bonefish is essential to good fishing. Anglers armed with Monic Phantom Tip Bonefish line are set up for success! You can’t get better than a 15’ Clear Floating tip section followed by Bright Green fly line to see and track the line both in the air and in the water to know what distance and where the fly is. Extremely smooth texture free surface produces very little friction between the line and guides allows effortless casting and shooting line from cold to warm days on the flats. Great choice for Bonefish, Trigger, multiple Trevally species as well as a host of in-shore warm-water and saltwater species.

Weight: Phantom Tip Bonefish is built on the heavy side of AFFTA standard. 8 weight example: First 30’ = 218 grains/ Full head weight = 406 grains.

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