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Master Section for HMH Tube Fly Tying Supplies Materials & Tools

Master Section for HMH Tube Fly Tying Supplies Materials & Tools

As part of our product organizing effort, we have gathered together in this section our supplies and materials by HMH for tying tube flies. HMH is one of the fly tying companies that has a well established reputation for producing dependable, durable, functional, and pleasing fly tying products that are suitable for any fly tying beginner and professional tube fly tyer.

Please note that HMH makes very good fly tying vises for your consideration, in addition to tube fly vises and tube fly adaptors. If you are interested in an HMH product you do not see listed here, we invite you to enquire via the "contact" tab on our home page; more likely than not, we will be able to serve your fly tying needs for HMH products.

Why consider HMH tube fly products? Our fly tyers at the Caddis Fly tie tube flies and recommend several tube fly systems, including the Pro Tube, HMH and the Eumer tubes, supplies and materials. Each of these tube fly tying systems, or approaches, or philosophies, or component families, if you will, has features that some of our customers prefer.

Some of our customers tie tube flies on all three systems: HMH, Pro Tube, and Eumer. These seasoned tube fly tyers find particular features about each of the tube philosophies that they prefer to apply to certain flies and haveing the ability to use HMH, Eumer, and Pro Tube systems simply gives them more options.

The HMH Tube Fly product line provides an excellent foundation for tying tube flies for trout, salmon, steelhead, and my gosh, about any sort of fish one can imagine, including offshore silver salmon and rockfish, bluefish, and stripers.

One of the most attractive features of the HMH Tube fly product line is that the tube fly adaptor, tubes, and cones are as simple to use as any of the tube systems, and coincidentally, are about the most economical. The HMH system uses an inexpensive adaptor to hold the tube, continuous tube or pre cut tube sections, and a few cones that fit on the tubes.

The HMH Tube fly adaptor is exceptionally simple to use. Just take the small adaptor and clamp it in your fly tying vise: now you are ready to tie a tube fly on your HMH adaptor. Now cut a section of tube, slide the tube mandrel through the tube, insert it in the ring on the adaptor until the rear sectin of tube is in the ring, tighten the ring down on the tube with the easy-to-understand thumb-screw, and you are ready to tie your tube fly.

HMH tubes are available in several diameters from micro tube on up to heavy material that we would recommend for large freshwater and offshore fish species. The HMH tube fly cone heads are especially designed to fit on the HMH tubes, so that takes guess work out of the equation.

Some experimentation is required to fit non-HMH cones and beads to HMH tubes, but such fiddling is part of the fun for some of our customers and pro tyers. We have found virtually all of the Pro cone Tube Fly System weights, cones, and discs fit on the HMH small diameter tube.

The straight across adaptability of Pro cones and weights to HMH small diameter tube allows a fly tyer to use HMH tube with any of the new Pro Tube add-ons with ease. Nice feature, because it allows more crossover tying options with tubes and weights.

Many of our Caddis Fly customers and professional tyers have been using the HMH system for years and find no need or interest in complete conversion to new tube fly systems. This product loyalty is reason enough for us to continue recommending the HMH tube fly products: we know that flies tied on HMH tubes have been in use catching fish world wide, and that dependability is worth the dedication.

In this section you will find HMH products including the HMH Starter Tube fly Tool, HMH custom-fit cone heads in brass and nickel in two sizes, and three HMH Tube sizes.

Whether you are a long-time HMH Tube Fly tyer or are considering your first tube fly tying experience, we invite you allow us to provide the tube fly tying components that will make your time at the bench and on the river enjoyable and effective.

Master Section for HMH Tube Fly Tying Supplies Materials & Tools