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Marc Petitjean Tools

Marc Petitjean is a genuine fly tying genius, and we have the best selection of Petitjean fly tying tools of any USA Vendor. Delivered with no shipping charges and no sales tax.

Marc has designed and supervised production of the master Swill fly tying vise, the Swiss C-clamp vise, the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Clip set, the Marc Petitjean Magic Heads, Marc Petitjean Long lop trim fly tying scissors, Marc Petitjean small curved fly tying scissors, Marc Petitjean straight point fl tying scissors, the base model Swiss fly tying vise, and formerly simple but now classy fly tying tools like the thread through TT fly tying bobbin, hackle pliers, dubbing loop twister and even the thread split needle and Petitjean thread loop clamps.