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Marc Petitjean Long Loop Trim Fly Tying Scissors

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We found that the Marc Petitjean Long Loop Trim Scissors are a huge asset in trimming materials held in the clip of the Petitjean Magic Tool, preparing to spin the loop. The finger loops are not long; the name refers to the fact that the cutting surface is both long and very straight and the cutting points are not tapered. This design is far more efficient and permits clean access. If you use the Petitjean Magic tool you gotta have these scissors. If not, you need to buy both. Seriously, you will love them.

We own and use many scissor styles. Generally, we find a correlation between scissor price and the function & durability of the tools. The one scissor that was a surprise to use was this long loop trim scissor. For using dubbing loops, we find this scissor a must-have. The cutting surface is very long and the long, slim form of the scissor allows us access to the dubbing loop that we can not achieve with our normal short or long bench scissors.