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Maxima Chameleon & Ultragreen Fishing Leader Spools

The Caddis Fly Shop supplies Maxima Chameleon & Ultragreen Fishing Leaders and leader Spools - with great customer service, fast shipping, and no sales tax.

Some of our clients prefer to use Maxima for all their salmon and steelhead leaders, and they rely on us to supply the tippet spools they need.

The Caddis fly Angling Shop offers our customers a choice of many excellent fly fishing leaders available today, and we stock them all. Rio, Orvis, Airflo, Seaguar, and Umpqua, to mention but a few, all offer fly fishing leader tippet materials and ready to fish tapered leaders for our customers.

Funny thing, though, is that we find a fair proportion of our crazed and obsessed steelhead and salmon clients who are wed, almost literally, to Maxima Leader materials. They cite abrasion resistance, strength, knot dependability, and years-long dedication based on real world performance.

So, we offer Maxima leader spools, both Ultragreen and Chameleon, side-by side with our products that Carry Names that are time tested, knowing that if you are a Maxima person, chances are good that nothing else will satisfy your hankering for leader tippet material.

Chose Ultragreen Maxima for ultimate stealth in shallow waters. Chose Maxima Chameleon for deeper presentations or if the absolutely toughest leader on the Planet is needed.

Maxima Chameleon & Ultragreen Fishing Leader Spools