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Loon Outdoors UV Power Light

Loon has become one of the product lines we have come to depend on for innovation and reliability at our fly bench. One product we got hooked on was the Loon UV Kot sense, and we always used the Loon Mini UV Lamp to set the Knot Sense. Lately, we have become enamored with using UV fluorescent materials in many of our salmon and steelhead flies. It turns out that we have become fixated thinking that using fluorescent materials makes a difference in the ability of salmon and steelhead to see our flies in low light conditions. This is probably nonsense, but we believe it sincerely. The challenge is to find a UV lamp a little more beefy than the Loon Mini Lamp. Well, we found our baby here in the Loon UV Power Light. This is still compact, powered by a AA battery, is waterproof, and is powerful. Powerful UV light is what we wanted and what this Loon UV Light delivers. Now we can illuminate all our natural and dyed chenilles, dubbing, hackles, buck tails and Edgebrite materials and see just which ones are more or less bright under UV light.

We urge you to give this UV Power light a try. Our Pro Staff fly tiers have been using these lights for months and rave about them. Then they stock up on new fluorescent materials to tie their flies with. This is good for the Global Economy, and we highly support commerce in the fly tying community, so we can do our part and buy coffee at the Caddis Fly Shop.

Thanks to our Loon buddies.

Loon Outdoors UV Power Light