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Loon Fly Tying Powders


Loon Fly Tying Powders customize any cement and UV resins!

When you want to add sparkle, phosphorescence, or extra weight to a fly, look to Loon Fly Tying Powders. Mix these powders with head cement or UV resin without compromising dry time or hold strength.

The Pearl series is designed to give you extra sparkle and flash of color on flies.

The Phosphorescent series is designed to make flies glow in the dark.

The Tungsten series is designed to give the fly tier the utmost control over a flies weight and sink rate without adding bulky beads or split shot.

Customize your cements and resins and experiment with adding a little sparkle to flies today!

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Loon Outdoors - Fly Tying Powder from Loon Outdoors on Vimeo.

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