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G Loomis IMX Pro Musky Rods


G Loomis IMX Pro Musky Rods were specifically designed to meet the rigors of fishing big flies for big nasty critters.

The IMX Pro Musky fly rods were built to cast large flies all day long. We are not talking ultra stiff here, think open loops and that massive pike fly not hitting you in the back of the head. Top and bottom comfortable cork handles allow for you to use both hands to help make the task of casting big bugs and fighting big fish much easier.

G Loomis partnered with professional guide and Elite Ambassador Chris Willen to create the Musky series with specific tactical performance in mind.

The IMX Pro Musky uses "Conduit Core Technology"

from the IMX-Pro Spec Sheet at G Loomis

Traditionally, as the blank diameter increases, so does the total amount of material used. This was the only way of ensuring strength/durability in the bottom half of the rod. Conduit Core technology removes excess wraps of graphite and replaces them with a proprietary material thatís of equal strength, but dramatically lighter in weight. Casters exert less energy to move the rod, increasing the efficiency of total energy required to manipulate the line when casting, mending, and animating flies.

IMX Pro Musky rods feature high modulus graphite construction, balanced swing weight and incredible durability. A multi taper design reinforces potential stress points within the blank while reducing unnecessary graphite material.

--Chrome single foot guides

--Chrome stripper guides 3 total

--Cloud composite Magnum Cork Grip

--Custom aluminum up locking reel seat

--Tube and cloth rod bag

--Handcrafted in Woodland Washington

Two models for 2019

1190-4 IMX PRO MUSKY - 9ft 11wt 4pc #11wt or a 400-450 grain window 1290-4 IMX PRO MUSKY - 9ft 12wt 4pc #11wt or a 500-550 grain window

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