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G Loomis IMX Pro Euro Nymping Outfit


The IMX Pro Euro Outfit is a top-level euro nymphing outfit for a great price.

We have designed the outfit as a "just add water kit", meaning all you need to do is attach a couple of Euro nymphs that are included and make a cast.

Our IMX Pro Euro nymph outfit comes with your choice of fly reels, a euro nymph line, a euro nymph leader, and 2 euro nymph flies. The IMX Pro 10 6 #3wt rod is one of the most versatile rods we know of. The IMX Pro Euro has the power to cast a wide range of multi fly rigs but still has a soft tip to accommodate wicked downstream hook sets. The rod has superb feel when you are running you flies through the sweet spot.

Choose from the Lamson Liquid Reel, the Redington Tilt, or the Sage ESN. We are happy to load the reel with backing, euro nymph line and leader.

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