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Leviathan 26 ft Sink Tip Fly Line: RIO Tropical Fly Lines


Leviathan 26 ft Sink Tip Fly Line: RIO Saltwater Big Game Fly Lines for sale: reviews and specifications.

This is the specialty Big Game fly line for you saltwater fly fishers who want to put your fly deep and do the job expertly and quickly, meaning fast. This Leviathan fly line has the same seventy five pound core and will stand up to any tippet you may want to fish. An assertive taper will chuck your biggest nastiest flies into the face of giant saltwater fish. These fly lines have 26' fast sink (over 7" to almost 10" per-second sink rate) tips and smoothly integrated intermediate funning lines for an overall 100' length.

PLEASE NOTE the line taper insert chart above.

The RIO Leviathan fly line has a sinking 26' sink tip head with intermediate running line (different colors); this fly line is offered in weights from 200 gr. through 600 gr. - the 400, 500 & 600 grain head weights will load even the most herculean blue-water fly rods.

Kindly note, the Rio Leviathan carries the Rio tropical water hard coat to keep your fly line from getting tacky in the sun and warm water.

No Loops: Rio made a decision to leave the loop type and creation to the individual Big Game angler with the Leviathan Series of fly lines. Some choose Albright knots, but we prefer to double over the line and use two nail knots and whip the loop securely. The choice is yours, and this stage is critical when seeking the largest saltwater game fish.

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