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Waterworks Lamson Speedster Fly Reel


The Speedster by Lamson Waterworks - If high retrieve rate is an asset (of course it is), this fly reel meets our demands in full measure.

Fly Reel Reviews: The Speedster combines extra large arbor diameter with a very narrow spool; sounds odd, but it produces the fastest retrieve with the smoothest line winding profile of any reel on the market.

Sounds odd but it really works. Watch for other manufacturers to follow suit soon.

Key Speedster Features:

Hard Alox finish for Saltwater or Freshwater use; no maintenance reliable drag system; machined handle is mounted inside the spool to facilitate faster reeling; lifetime warranty, positive click drag indents, and did we mention fast retrieve? Yes indeed, this Speedster cranks the line in right fast.

Application of Speedster fly reel models to fishing scenarios: Speedster 1.5 Spool Diameter 3.5 in; Spool width 0.95 in; Reel Weight 3.90 oz; Line Capacity WF4 plus 100 yards #20 Dacron. This reel calls to trout in small creeks and streams.

Speedster 2 Spool Diameter 3.75 in; Spool width 0.95 in; Reel Weight 4.20 oz; Line Capacity WF6 plus 100 yards #30 Dacron. This reel excels for trout and smallies in modest size streams and lakes trout in small creeks and streams.

Speedster 3 Spool Diameter 4.0 in; Spool width 1.05 in; Reel Weight 4.70 oz; Line Capacity WF7 plus 150 yards #20 Dacron. Big Trout, Bass, Bonefish, and steelhead.

Speedster 3.5 Spool Diameter 4.4 in; Spool width 1.15 in; Reel Weight 5.70 oz; Line Capacity WF9 plus 200 yards #20 Dacron. Bonefish, Permit, Steelhead, Salmon.

Speedster 4 Spool Diameter 4.8 in; Spool width 1.25 in; Reel Weight 8.50 oz; Line Capacity WF10 plus 100 yards #20 Dacron. From rivers, lakes, tropical flats, and estuaries, this is a great fly reel.

Caddis Fly Shop stocks most Waterworks Lamson Reels and Spools to cover any fly fishing base imaginable. Our research and reviews of Lamson Waterworks Fly reels prove the excellence of these fly reels covers every conceivable fishing niche from 1 wt through 12 wt and beyond into the heart of the Switch and Spey world. Hands down, these reels are innovation, superior performance, and dependability personified.

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