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Lamson Liquid/Remix Spare Spool


Spare spools for the Lamson LIQUID Fly Reel: plus all the fly fishing gear you could ever need in addition to decidedly outstanding customer service.

This product is simply the spare spool for the LIQUID fly reels by Lamson.

You should also consider 3 pack value option with the LIQUID 3.5 fly reel!

One reel plus two spare spools will save you some serious bucks over the cost of purchasing these items separately.

Spare spools for Lamson LIQUID and REMIX fly reel: line capacities are the same for both reels:

LIQUID 1.5: WF4 plus 50 yds 12 Lb Dacron

LIQUID 2: WF6 plus 100 yds 20 Lb Dacron

LIQUID 3.5: WF8 plus 225 yds 20 Lb Dacron

LIQUID 4: WF10 plus 250 yds 30 Lb Dacron

LIQUID spools are COMPATIBLE with the REMIX reels in similar size: this is a great feature, because it increases the cross compatibility of the two reels and all the spools with lines you may purchase.

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