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Remix and Liquid Reel Color Sleeves


Anodized Custom color sleeves for the Lamson LIQUID and REMIX Fly Reels.

This product is simply the anodized aluminum spool sleeve for both LIQUID and REMIX fly reels by Lamson.

Customize your Lamson fly reels with one of these three zippy colored reel spool cassette sleeves.

Three color choices put some fun in the action of dressing up your Lamson Fly Reel.

Color Sleeve options for both the LIQUID and REMIX fly reels by Lamson: Lamson offers three color sleeve options that you may use to make a personal statement to customize your reel. Burnt Orange, Coral Blue, and Salsa Green colors are anodized aluminum and skip over the standard cassette of the reel frame, giving your fly reel a distinctive look that we rather like. Remember, these will fit both LIQUID and REMIX fly reels.

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