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Korkers Wading Boots

Our most dependable wading boot options include Korkers Boots and Korkers Omnitrax soles - and we offer free shipping and NO Sales tax from the Caddis Fly Shop.

Korkers wading boots and Omnitrax boot soles have gained a international reputation as first-rate wading gear among fly fishing men & women, fish biologists, and anyone working in waders in and around the water.

Our selection of Korkers Wading Boots and Korkers Replacement soles includes all of the current models and sizes - you can depend on us to supply the boot and wading accessory you need.

The Korkers Omnitrax 3.0 boot sole system is especially intriguing because it offers the capability of changing boot soles from golf, felt, hiking, or studded felts. suited to different wading conditions and rivers. The Omnitrax 3.0 wading boot soles don't require tools to remove or insert, save an opposable thumb, and the Korkers video posted below shows quite clearly just how easy sole changing is.

Korkers Limited edition Darkness Boots You heard it here, yes indeed, this is a Korkers exclusive Limited Edition Wading boot from Korkers. The Darkness Limited Edition wading boot is among the best of the high rollers in the wading boot foot locker. Hummmmm. Maybe that was a little too subtle. But the boots are far from subtle. They rock the rocks. Get your Limited Edition Korkers Darkness Omnitrax wading boots here at the Caddis Fly. And thank you very much.

Korkers Chrome Boots are considered the top line of the Omnitrax 3.0 sole line, featuring hypalon (they make tough river rafts from this stuff) uppers and the Boa metal lace system which you really ought to see to believe how simple and secure it is to use.

Kokrers Metal Head Boots are next in the Omnitrax 3.0 wading boot sole system series and also feature the Boa lace system.

Korkers Redside Wading Boots offer the Omnitrx wading sole options at a modest price point - these Korkers wading boots are a little lighter and lower profile with an excellent quick lace system.

Korkers Mudder Ducker Wading Boots wading boots are an economical Omnitrax 3.0 sole system Camo boot perfect for the multi purpose hunting - fishing adventure you might be planning, again, with a nice quick lace system.

Korkers Hyjack Water Shoe are very fine camp shoe and offer Korkers quality footwear that is right at home on river banks, hunting agates, ferrying gear from boat or plane to the lodge or tent, and sipping coffee in the garage or doghouse on weekends when you aren't fishing.

Additional products offered by the Caddis Fly in store or on "as-available" basis may include the Korkers Rocktrax Overshoe, Korkers Rocktrax Plus, and Korkers Guide wading boots.

The entire line of Korkers wading boots and Korkers boot soles merit your serious consideration.

And now, for the convenience of our clients who are primarily proficient to learning through the written word rather than pictures, we present the most recent set of product links to Korkers wading shoes, boots and Omnitrax accessories. Thanks from the Caddis Fly Shop staff and please call or email us if you have questions about any Korkers products that are not here listed.