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Sage Maverick Saltwater Rods rods are one of the best values in high performance salt specific rods. We are offering our current stock with a free line of your choice.

Airflo Kelly Galloup Streamer Float


Airflo Kelly Galloup Streamer Float fly lines are a truly superior line to deliver the most wind resistant bugs you may ever need to plop in front of a trout, close in or far out.

If you fish a floating line paired with a box of nasty, tasty, bulky flies to lure your quarry, this AIRFLO line will throw them down in front of the fish at every distance from your toes to the long bomb.

Airflo introduces the Kelly Galloup Streamer Float fly line and offers streamer chucking anglers a fabulous new tool to present every fly at all distances.

The Kelly Galloup Streamer Float line by AIRFLO is a great line choice for anglers who fish big streamers that are tough to turn over in wind or at distance.

Is the AIRFLO Kelly Galloup Streamer Float different, and will it improve fly line performance? Yup. We have fished these lines and really appreciate these features: the ridged surface increases casting distance; super tough loops make line changes simpler; lines float high, shed dirt; a different color of line denotes the transition between the head and running line; and at the end of the day, these are reliable members of the AIRFLO line team.

Real world application of the Airflo Kelly Galloup Streamer Float line? If you fish really large, wind resistant streamers on a dry line, you need a taper that will turn over the fluffy waterlogged monsters. This line has just the powerful taper to get the job done, close or waaaaaaay long.

Kelly Galloup Streamer Float Lines are ridged: this AIRFLO feature enhances casting distance.

Line weights available: The pale green Kelly Galloup Streamer Float lines are available in WF5 through WF7. These cover the normal trout streamer angler’s needs quite nicely.

head length? 38.5 ft on all line wts.


AIRFLO Micro Loops on all lines to facilitate line changes.

overall line length? 90 ft.

Super Dri material in this line floats higher, excludes dirt and water borne contaminants, and performs better, longer.

Kelly Galloup Streamer Float line color: Pale Green with Olive transition zone. The transition zone marker helps the caster know when the transition from head to running line optimizes casting distance. Sometime we cast well inside the transition marker and that is just part of the game.

Kelly Galloup Streamer Float fly line core? The Airflo Powercore of this line transmits feel with ultra sensitivity.

An all season fly line? This fly line coating and core perform well in 20 – 80 degree temperatures. Just the environments trout are likely to habitate!  

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