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Airflo Kelly Galloup Nymph Indicator


Airflo Kelly Galloup Nymph and Indicator fly lines are an excellent choice to cast bulky bugs and swim them deep.

If you fish one, two, or three nymphs under a huge range of conditions, this AIRFLO line will allow you to cast, drift the beasties, mend your line, and make better presentations than ever before.

Airflo introduces the Kelly Galloup Nymph and Indicator fly line, a great fly line to pitch nymphs, swim them deep, and mend lines to extend fishing range.

The Kelly Galloup Nymph and Indicator line by AIRFLO is a great line choice for anglers who specialize in fishing nymphs under a wide variety of conditions.

Is the AIRFLO Kelly Galloup Nymph and Indicator line different, and will it improve fishing performance? Absolutely. Turn over that cumbersome nymph rig, mend your line, and detect the take; this is a great nymphing line.

Real world application of the Airflo Kelly Galloup Nymph and Indicator line? If you fish one or more nymphs, you need to be able to dead drift them in a natural manner where trout live, at any depth. You also need to be able to mend your line to maintain your effective fishing radius. This line turns the bugs over and maintains contact throughout the entire duration of the presentation.

Kelly Galloup Nymph and indicator Lines are ridged: this AIRFLO feature enhances casting distance.

Line weights available: The pale orange and lichen green Kelly Galloup Nymph and indicator lines are available in WF 4 to 8.

Head length? 49.5 ft on all line wts.

AIRFLO Micro Loops on all lines to facilitate line changes.

overall line length? 90 ft.

High floating head and running line.

Kelly Galloup Nymph and Indicator fly line core? The Airflo Powercore transmits feel with superior sensitivity.

An all season fly line? This fly line coating and core perform well in 20 80 degree temperatures. Trout live here year around!


Airflo Super-DRI Nymph Line with Kelly Galloup from Rajeff Sports on Vimeo.

AIRFLO uses a Polyurethane coating on all of their lines, and we find this material is both durable and dependable.

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