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Strike Indicators

The Caddis Fly Shop will deliver any of the most modern and traditional fly fishing strike indicators for your next nymph fishing adventure.

Many fly anglers are well versed in the art of the strike indicator. Many are not. Some fly fishing experts are dedicated urely to the art of the upstream dey-fly presentation. Some just tie on anyold fly and chuck it out into the water and see if something bites it. Both methods of fly fishing are intirely letitimate and both work.

There are, however, a dedicated pack of fly fishing gentlemen and ladies who specialize in the dead-drift presentation of nymphs or egg fly patterns. They fish for trout, salmon, and steelhead, mostly. The strike indicator is any sort of gizmo that allows the angler to detect the strike - the act of a fish consuming said angler's fly. This moment of truth is important because it coincides with the proper time to set the hook. FAilure to detect a strike and consequent failure to set the hook results in one more fishless cast, and goodness knows, we have enough of these anyway.

Some of our Caddis Fly Pros are old enough to remember nymph fishing back in the 1960s and 1970s, when we made our upstream nymph presentations without the benefit of a strike indictor. We remember the Cortland 444 fly line that was offered with a thick, bright-red, tip section; we fished this line to help us detect the strike on our dead-drift nymphing adventures. We have lived through the days of jamming a toothpick into a Corkie to make a strike indicator, and we have purchased Macrame yarn and combed our own yarn strike indicators.

Those days were fun and we would not give them up. Hummm, maybe we would have liked to have had an assortment of Twenty-first Century fly fishing strike indicators back in those years, when al is said and done.

So here is the question. do you go fly fishing? Do you fish nymphs? Do you fish egg patterns? Do you fly fish with strike indicators? If not, you should, probably, almost certainly, we think. The fly fishing strike indicator is petty much a must have fly fishing accessory for anyone and everyone who fishes the dead drift nymph or egg fly pattern.

And here is another dire thought. Do you ever feel tempted to tie a jig on your fly rod? Guess what? These strike indicators are the right fly fishing tool to deliver a jig to trout or steelhead and salmon on your fly line and fly rod.

We stock fly fishing strike indicators of all kinds by the truck load. We stock at least, usually, the following fly fishing strike indicators: Thingmabobber fly fishing strike indicator; Under-cator fly fishing strike indicator; the Sunigicator fly fishing strike indicator; Screw-ball fly fishing strike indicator; Lightning Strike indicator yarn for fly fishing; Stone Creek Tear Drop fly fishing strike indicators; Stone Creek EZ fly fishing strike indicator; Hareline Poly Yarn fly fishing strike indicators; Angling Evolutions fish pimp fly fishing strike indicators; and the Slip and Strike fly fishing strike indicators.

Go crazy. Buy these strike indicators, fish these strike indicators, and please, do not forgot to tie on a fly under your strike indicator when you do. Thanks folks.

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