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In Touch Streamer Tip Fly Line

The Rio In Touch 10 ft Sink Tip in either a 1.5 inch per second sink rate or 6 ips is particularly well suited to anglers needing just-under-the-surface presentations in lakes and estuaries. The line featured on this page is the grey tip 1.5" per second sink rate line.

Does InTouch equal ConnectCore? Rio is increasingly incorporating the Connect core into their premier fly lines because these line cores stretch less than 3 percent versus over 22 percent for traditional fly lines. Less stretch means better feel, hook setting, and more effective presentations too. So when you see In Touch or ConnectCore it is good and means a represents a superior fly line for all applications.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on In Touch 10 ft Sink Tip Streamer Series Fly Lines; these are great lines for fishing rivers, lakes and estuaries.

The Rio In Touch 10 ft Sink Tip line is easy to cast and is really well suited to float tube and drift boat anglers working shorelines with streamers. Estuary anglers who are boating or wade fishing also like these lines too for fishing sea-run trout.

Unique line feature: The Rio 10 ft Sink Tip fly lines have a short sink tips, and running line that will allow easy shooting.

Line color; The 10' tip is grey; the floating portion of the head is yellow and the back of the line is pale green.

Line Taper: This line has a grey tip that slowly sinks and will present wets and streamers in the upper few feet of the river, lake or estuary.

PLEASE NOTE the Line Taper Chart inset above.

Overall/Head Length approximately 90 ft/30 ft - this is a shorter head than the 15 ft sink tip lines and these load the rod easily with less line out from the tip of the rod.

Floating Properties: The Rio 10 ft streamer series Sink Tip fly lines are principally designed for easy casting and retrieving wets and streamers, not for line mending, although one can mend these lines a little.

Line shooting: This line shoots well and will achieve great distance casts to strip or swing your wet streamers, buggers, and assorted weighted flies.

Line Mending: This line is not particularly suited to line mending, but more to the cast and strip retrieve.

Welded Loops: The front end of these Rio 10 ft Sink Tip Streamer fly lines are equipped with a welded loop.

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