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In Touch Rio Gold

This is RIOs top of the line Rio GOLD, the best all around trout line, incorporating Rio's InTouch technology and all of the best features one could seek in a fly line.

This new In Touch version of the RIO GOLD Fly Lines, available in line wt. 4-8 delivers the best general fly line taper for all purpose trout fishing in freshwaters.

The Rio GOLD was already a great fly line, but RIO has upped its performance by adding several top features to the already great fly line.

Line Taper: The RIO GOLD InTouch taper has not changed, but the full features of the line have expanded. This line is the best seller in the RIO trout fly line series because it fits the largest range of fishing conditions and rods.

NEW InTouch RIO GOLD FEATURES: Connect Core; MaxCast coating; MaxFloat tip; Agent X; Easy ID Tag; SureFire tri-color line

Connect Core: frankly, the low stretch in these lines is a genuine enhancement in fly line performance: better feel, better hook setting, less opportunity to miss that subtle take and more opportunity to hook up on that next fish.

MaxCast line coating: The best coating RIO produces to promote line shooting capacity of any fly line

MaxFloat tip: just a little more line buoyancy assurance in the tip section of these fly lines; these tips float twice as high as traditional fly line tips, and thats HUGE!

Agent X: Aids line shooting properties of the line

Easy ID Label: the line size is marked clearly at the tip loop on each fly line to let you know what is on your reel

SureFire line color system: Rio builds these fly lines with three color shades

Welded Front and Rear line Loops: The front and back ends of these InTouch Rio GOLD fly lines are equipped with welded loops to simplify the process of quick rigging to backing and attaching leaders.

RIO GOLD Overall/Head Length approximately 90-100'/46-50' gradually increasing with line wt.

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