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Hatch Tropical Intermediate Fly Line


HATCH Professional Series Intermediate Tropical Fly Lines; Free SAME DAY Shipping, and NO Sales tax

The Professional Series Intermediate Tropical fly line proves that HATCH understands the needs of fly fishers who are targeting larger game fish species from the flats edges to the deep blue. A head that anyone can cast well on most rods, teamed up with HATCH's technically superior core and line coating results in an excellent all-around Intermediate Tropical fly line.

Guide Reviews of HATCH Professional Series Tropical Intermediate Fly Lines.

HATCH has designed and delivers a fantastic Tropical Intermediate line: Targeting larger game fish species, these 10 – 12 wt lines are all-around winners that we depend on for a wide variety of conditions.

Line Core: The Power Core on the Intermediate Hatch line tested at 40 pounds on the WF 10 – 12 wts and is tuned to the tippets fly anglers are likely to use.

Low stretch? with only six percent stretch, we can set hooks and detect the grab at distance better then ever before.

Line weights available: the HATCH Tropical Professional Series Intermediate fly line is available in line wts. 10-12: thus covering the specialty niche for larger tropical game fish species.

Overall line length: 110 feet. Just right

Fly Line Color: The Hatch Intermediate is an Aqua line with a Ghost Grey 10 ft tip.

The running line is a 72 ft intermediate line.; the head is 38 ft.

Welded Loops: The front and back ends of this Intermediate Tropical fly line are equipped with welded loops to ease the process of quick rigging – a wonderful feature in our estimation.

Ridged Texture. Consistent with AIRFLO technology, the ridges deliver less resistance and allow longer casts.

Memory Free performance. Strip this line onto the deck and let fly your best cast, the line will deliver tangle free bombs most every time.

Head taper profile? This is a gradual taper for intuitive performance, regardless of the angler’s experience level.

Line longevity? Beyond superior.

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