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Generation 2 Custom Shop Finatic Fly Fishing Reels

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Hatch has proven to be at the top of the pyramid when it comes to fly fishing reels, and the new Hatch Generation 2 Finatic Custom Reel continues their strong legacy.

This is the page for the Generation 2 Custom Shop Finatic Reels. In addition to the standard Finatic 2 options, Hatch will be releasing new and unique color combinations for the Finatic 2 every 2-3 months for the 2017-2018 year.

There are tons of improvements, both small and large, mechanical and cosmetic with the new Generation 2 Finatic from Hatch.


The Generation 2 Finatic is an evolutionary update to the original, legendary Finatic Fly reel. If it bears the Hatch name, you can count on uncompromising quality in all fishing situations across the world. In terms of overall appearance, the Gen 2 Finatic is pretty similar to the original, the primary cosmetic differences being a new 9 window frame design, and a concave frame design for weight relief without sacrificing strength.

Hatch has added a new Handle & Crank Assembly to the Generation 2 Finatic. An aluminum post replaces the previous stainless steel post so that there are no dissimilar metals on the reel to cause hydrolysis when saltwater fishing. This essentially eliminates the chance for galvanic corrosion and ensures your reel spins effortlessly for years to come. Within this new system is a Ultraflon brushing to keep the assembly moving free and smoothly even after continuous use in the salt. You can also now remove and clean the assembly if it gets gummed up through hard fishing. This new handle & crank system is retro-fittable to old Hatch models and can be updated on first generation reels!

Hatch also added a new counter balance to work in perfect harmony with their new handle & crank assembly. It has a low profile and allows the reel to run incredibly smooth. See both the crank assembly and counterbalance in this photo:


Color Options.

All new Generation 2 Finatics come with a “Mist” finish, which gives the reels a new look with a lighter texture than previous models. It looks phenomenal, truly some of the sharpest coloration we’ve seen on any reels ever. This mist finish also creates a consistent, non-reflective coat throughout the reel. As you can see from our “options” dropdown, initially the Custom Gold color is only available from Hatch. This will change with many other color options, and hatch also plans to release new custom shop colors every 1-2 months throughout the upcoming season. You can see some of those colors in the image on the left side of this page! We will be updating this page with available color options as they become available.

Its what’s on the inside that counts.

This is where Hatch really improved and built on the strong foundation of the Original Finatic. There is a new Lip Seal on the spindle side, which replaces the traditional O-ring of earlier models. It is an overall better seal and has vastly improved the longevity of the reel by keeping water, weather, and other particles out of the bearing cartridge. This can be updated on previous Hatch models. See the new lip seal here:


Speaking of the bearing cartridge, that is new as well. Previous Hatch Reels had an open bearing race, whereas the Generation 2 has a sealed cartridge. This predominately serves to keep the grease where the Hatch Manufacturers want it, as well as adding yet another layer of protection to an already bombproof fly reel. This also can be updated on previous Hatch models. Here's a photo of the new bearing cartridge:

New Hatch Sealed Bearing   Cartridge

Lastly, Hatch improved on their bearing jacket and sleeves with a stainless steel, machined jacket that will heat up and expand but also cool down and contract at the same rate. This means big, strong, hard-fighting fish can be controlled much easier when hooked. These bearings can be updated on old hatch models too.

New Hatch S.S. Bearing and   Jacket

4 Plus.

The Finatic 2 4 Plus model is designed to be the optimal 5 weight reel but it can easily accomodate rod weights 4-6. Weighing in at 4.9 ounces, the Finatic 4 Plus has the following backing capacities: 20# Hatch Dacron Backing: LA WF4F-120Y, WF5F-110Y, WF6F-88Y; MA WF4F-165Y, WF5F-150Y, WF6F-120Y 68# Hatch Premium Backing: LA WF4F-120Y, WF5F-110Y, WF6F-88Y; MA WF4F-165Y, WF5F-150Y, WF6F-120Y.

5 Plus.

This is definitely the most versatile, "do-it-all" reel in the line. Great for 5-7 weights, its great for all trout fishing, light steelheading, and even saltwater fishing for bonefish. 6.2 Ounces. Capacity: 20# Hatch Dacron Backing: LA WF5F-130Y, WF6F-115Y, WF7F-100Y; MA WF5F-120Y, WF6F-100Y, WF7F-80Y 68# Hatch Premium Backing: LA WF5F-130Y, WF6F-115Y, WF7F-100Y; MA WF5F-120Y, WF6F-100Y, WF7F-80Y

7 Plus.

The most popular reel in the line of Hatch Reels. The durable 7 plus is perfect for bonefish, permit, steelhead and salmon. The best crossover reel around. 7-9 weight rods. 8.4 Ounces. Capacity: 20# Hatch Dacron Backing: LA WF7F-260Y, WF8F-240Y, WF9F-220Y; MA WF7F-340Y, WF8F-320Y, WF9F-300Y 68# Hatch Premium Backing: LA WF7F-260Y, WF8F-240Y, WF9F-220Y; MA WF7F-340Y, WF8F-320Y, WF9F-300Y

9 Plus.

Capable of handling 9-12 weights. This is an amazing reel for the serious saltwater or spey fisherman. 10.3 Ounces. Capacity: 30# Hatch Dacron Backing: LA WF9F-240Y, WF10F-220Y, WF11F-200Y; MA WF9F-300Y, WF10F-280Y, WF11F-260Y 68# Hatch Premium Backing: LA WF9F-300Y, WF10F-275Y, WF11F-250Y; MA WF9F-400Y, WF10F-380Y, WF11F-360Y

New Generation 2 Finatic Spools and Frames are compatible with older Finatic Reels.

Overall, what am I getting from a Hatch Reel?

A dependable, top-quality fly reel that you can count on whether it's a Cuban Tarpon or a wild pacific northwest steelhead on the end of your line. The technological advancements that Hatch has made truly ensures that this will be your primary fishing reel for years to come, and the quality of the reels performance will not deteriorate over time.

Additionally, see our drop down options for selecting backing with your Finatic 2 Fly Reel!

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