New Salmon Fly and Golden Stone Patterns in Stock and Shipping Now. We have you covered for the Salmon Fly Hatch.(details)
Burkus Bearback Rider Stone, Morrish Still Stone, Morrish Fluttering Stone, Clarks Lady Stone, Fools Gold, Water Walker, Norm Woods and more. We have a ton of adult stonefly patterns for 2023.

Hatch Outdoors Premium Backing


Hatch Premium Braided Backing is the strongest braided line per diameter available. At 68lbs and only .015” Hatch’s 8 braid PE Line is perfect for all fly fishing reels .

At we can mount Hatch’s new Premium Braided Backing on your reels for you or simply ship it to you with no sales tax and free shipping to most locations. Call us if for bulk spool options.

Hatch Premium Backing only comes in one size. Yes this is correct! Because the diameter of the backing is so small it can be used for everything from Spring Creek trout to Marlin in Australia.

Braided Polyethelyne Lines or PE lines with 8 strands are very smooth and have a round profile, thus making them pass through the guides of your rod very smoothly. Vital when your backing is screaming through your guides at Mach 4 and the fish of a lifetime of jumping left while you look right.

Hatch’s 8 Strand PE Backing has the strength and diameter for any use. Additionally it has a great abrasion resistance, is UV resistant, ties small sized knots and provides less drag in the water.

Compare Hatch PE Braid to 20lbs Dacron: Hatch’s 68lbs is .015” and 20lbs Dacron is .018”, how about Gel Spun: 50lbs Gel Spun is .016” Hatch’s 68lbs is .015.

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