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Hatch Outdoors Finatic Fly Reels

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Reviews on the Hatch Outdoors Finatic Fly Reel, tops in class.

Hatch delivers a CUSTOM COLOR INSET option for 2016.

Our fly fishing industry friends at Hatch just announced their new custom paint-fill color options on a special order basis. Thanks to Hatch, the Caddis Fly Angling Shop is able to offer a variety of colors to create a special personality on your next reel making it practically a singular edition herloom. You may choose a paint color-fill will that Hatch will place into all engraved surfaces on a standard Finatic reel or spool. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Are you interested in this option? Use the color option drop down list. We have them all listed.


We have written quite enough about the Hatch Finatic fly reels in the introductory section, but please allow us to offer a few suggestions regarding selection of that perfect Hatch to match your local waters and fish, along with some technical specifications on line capacity and such.

We invite you to consider complementing your fly fishing rods with a new Hatch Finatic fly reel, and also to compare these Hatch reels - feature by feature - with several of the other most excellent fly reels offered by Nautilus, Bauer, Saracione; each of these reels offers first rate performance with individuality that may be just right for you, the individual fly angler.

Best Fly lines for Hatch Finatic fly reels: We offer the finest updated lines by Rio, Airflo, and SA. Each of these manufacturers has both general purpose and specialty fly lines that merit your consideration. We would be pleased to assist by advising you and sharing our thoughts regarding best fly lines for specific rods and fishing applications.

REMINDER ON SPOOL COMPATIBILITY. Although Hatch has updated its line of reels with the Finatic series, all of our Hatch fly reel spools are still perfect fits in the new fly reels of comparable size, so spare spool obsolesce is a non-issue. Nice going, Hatch Masters!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to provide a dozen of these little diamonds to adorn your finest fly rods.

Hatch Finatic 1 Plus: This is the fly reel for our zero to two weight fly rod and small, perfect, exquisite fish, be they trout or bluegill. -- Lines accommodated: 0-2 -- Diameter: 2.9" -- Width .85" -- Reel Weight: 2.8 oz. -- Capacity 20 Lb. Dacron Mid Arbor WF0F = 80 yds; WF2F = 60 yds

Hatch Finatic 3 Plus: This is the fly reel for smallish trout and any fish that is trout size in both fresh and saltwater. If you fish 3-5 wt. fly lines, this is your reel of choice. Finatic 3 Plus Specs. --- Lines Accommodated: 3-5 wt. --- Diameter: 3.25" --- Spool Width: .825" --- Reel weight: 4.8 oz. --- Capacity with 20# Dacron: Mid Arbor about 120 yds. --- Capacity of Large Arbor: about 100 yds.

Hatch Finatic 4 Plus: This is the fly reel for our 4-6 weight fly rods and fresh or saltwater species in the mid to chunky trout size. Fishing a five or six wt. rod for big alaska rainbows? How about tailing Bonefish on the flats? This reel can handle a wide rage of environments with ease. Finatic 4 Plus Specs. --- Lines Accommodated: 4-6 wt. --- Diameter: 3.425" --- Spool Width: .90" --- Reel weight: 5.2 oz. --- Capacity with 20# Dacron: Mid Arbor about 160 yds. --- Capacity of Large Arbor: about 100 yds.

Hatch Finatic 5 Plus: This fly reel along with the 7 Plus, is extremely versatile and perfectly suited to a hugely wide variety of fly fishing conditions inland and on the flats. If you fish a 5 - 7 wt line and are fishing anything from trout, rockfish, steelhead, bones, and similar size fish, you will love the lightness and strength of this fly reel. Finatic 5 Plus Specs. --- Lines Accommodated: 5-7 wt. --- Diameter: 3.625" --- Spool Width: .9375" --- Reel weight: 6.5 oz. --- Capacity with 20# Dacron: Mid Arbor about 180 yds. --- Capacity of Large Arbor: about 110 yds.

Hatch Finatic 7 Plus: Hatch calls this the "lost on an Island in the Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, or wherever fly reel. " Rightfully so, we agree. With a fit for lines 7 - 9 wt, man oh man what possibilities this fly reel offers. Eat's steelhead for a breakfast snack. Fishing silvers or chums on an 8 wt rod - the 7 Plus has the beef you are looking for. Bonefish and Permit on the flats? Oh, my gosh, this Finatic is Fantastic! Finatic 7 Plus Specs. --- Lines Accommodated: 7-9 wt. --- Diameter: 4.0" --- Spool Width: 1.125" --- Reel weight: 8.6 oz. --- Capacity with 30# Gel Spun: Mid Arbor about 400 yds. --- Capacity of Large Arbor: about 350 yds.

Hatch Finatic 9 Plus: King salmon on 9 wts, modest Tarpon on 10 wts, or any tuna short of fifty pounds that you would fish a 12 wt, the Finatic 9-Plus is an amazing fly reel that spans the gamut of heavy fresh water to serious saltwater and anchors you firmly in the spey world. We have fished this 9-Plus for kings, silvers, and for mid-teen steelhead in BC. The reel is smooth and we have every confidence with the silky smooth drag whether we are fishing 8 lb. tippets or 30 lb. wire. A perfect mix and match for fresh and salt. Finatic 9 Plus Specs. --- Lines Accommodated: 9-12 wt. --- Diameter: 4.25" --- Spool Width: 1.375" --- Reel weight: 10.6 oz --- Capacity with50# Gel Spun: Mid Arbor about 600 yds. --- Capacity of Large Arbor: about 350 yds.

Hatch Finatic 11 Plus: Think Tarpon, we are told by our friends at Hatch. Big reel handle and mondo line capacity. Sure enough, we agree, but how about blue sharks off the Oregon Coast? How about Albies if the warm water gets within day boat range during summertime? This is a serious fly reel constructed to handle big fast powerful fish. If you are a big rod spey fisher, needing a spey reel to accommodate heavy skagit heads of 600 and 700 gr and up on long rods -- then this is a spey reel that you will love from the first pull of a salmon or steelhead. Atlantic salmon in Norway or Russia, Kings in BC or Alaska, and everything in between, this is one fine spey fly reel. Finatic 11 Plus Specs. --- Lines Accommodated: 11-12 wt. --- Diameter: 4.625" --- Spool Width: 1.50" --- Reel weight: 11.1 oz. --- Capacity with 50# Gel Spun: Mid Arbor about 680 yds. --- Capacity of Large Arbor: about 375 yds.

Hatch Finatic 12 Plus: Sea Monsters, leviathans, and boat size saltwater fish are standard fare for the Finatic 12-Plus. Oh yes, Nile Perch and Mekong Delta catfish over several hundred pounds will bow to the silky power of this fly reel. Honestly, we have not fished one of these magnificant fly reels. The Finatic 11 Plus is as powerful as we have experience with, but if we can manage a trip for Grand Tr4evalley, Jumbo Tuna, or deep sea Squid, we are gonna spool up one of these babies and tape the fingers in preparation for the fight. Finatic 12 Plus Specs. --- Lines Accommodated: 3-5 wt. --- Diameter: 5.0" --- Spool Width: 1.6875" --- Reel weight: 15.6 oz. --- Capacity with 55 pound test Diawa Saltiga Boat Braid backing (.014"/36mm): --- Mid Arbor about 1000 yards (yes folks, that's a GRAND of backing) --- Capacity of Large Arbor: about 450 yds.

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