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Euro Hackle Capes

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The most popular feather of late has been the Euro Saddle. The Saddle is only half of these amazing chickens folks. The neck of the chicken or Cape has a variety of feather lengths from 3-8 inches long. These high quality capes contain at least 200 feathers.

Euro Rooster Grizzly Capes

This Euro Rooster Feather Cape product joins our line of amazing feathers and adds versatility to the fly tyer and feather crafter and artisan. Our fly tyer customers have been using Rooster capes forever, and are well aware of the qualities these offer. The focus of the “feather fashion world” has been heavy to the saddle hackle side of rooster feathers. When the availability of rooster saddle hackle feathers became unpredictable, all of our customers, fly tyers and feather artisans alike, gave other rooster feathers a try, and all were pleased with the variety and results they achieved.

Until recently, the versatility of the Rooster Neck Feather Cape has only been realized by relatively few people, or so it seems, in spite of the fact that these Euro Rooster Grizzly Feather Capes provide a fantastic supply of long feathers in a great variety of lengths.

Seriously, the video we post on this page will tell you more about the Euro Rooster Grizzly Capes than this text is capable of, but we will try anyway, for those of you reading learners among our customer base.

There are several key feather products provided by roosters: saddle feathers, neck feathers, and Schlappen feathers. The saddle feathers are taken from the back of the rooster, are among the narrowest feathers on the rooster and tend to be comparatively uniform in width from the tip of the feather to the base. Schlappen feathers are really saddle feathers with the most web located at the base of the Saddle Patch. The rooster neck feathers come from the back side of the rooster neck, and when offered on the hide, this product is referred to as a rooster cape, implicitly the neck hackles. When offered on the hide, saddle feathers are referred to as a “saddle patch.”

Key features of a Euro Rooster Grizzly cape. First, these are the complete rooster neck feather section, provided on the hide. Second, the feathers are naturally sorted on the hide from the longest at the base of the cape to the smallest at the tip of the cape. Our fly tyer customers know that the longest feathers are great for streamers, hackle wings, Steelhead and Salmon Intruders, hackle collars, and for use palmering on a wide variety of steelhead and trout flies. For use with feather hair extensions or jewelry these feathers are excellent. We start with natural grizzly Euro Rooster capes, and dye them in great colors. The longest feathers are in the 6-8”range, and the feathers grade all the way up to 3-4” in the upper 1/3 of the Rooster Cape. These rooster neck feathers are a little wider than the saddle feathers, and have a graceful taper from tip to base; these Euro Rooster Grizzly Neck Feather Capes offer a ton more feathers and a far greater size variety than the American Saddle Clumps. Virtually every feather is perfect and there is therefore essentially zero waste for the fly tyer or feather artisan.

Despite being washed numerous times the red dye in the red Euro Cape can bleed a bit.

Euro Rooster Grizzly Capes