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G-Loomis NRX Fly Rods

Steve Rajeff put his distinguished career behind the design and manufacture of the NRX series of modern fly rods. Hands down, these are superior fishing tools that we would match against the finest rod series of any manufacturer in the world.

Give us a call and we will work out a great fly line to accompany your new NRX LOOMIS fly rod.

Order a new fly reel and we will load it with backing and line and ship with your rod at no charge. if you only order the line, ship the reel to us and we will load it and return with your new rod. How's that for service? Lighter: Component by component, the NRX series fly rods are indeed lighter, and noticeably so. Lightness delivers fatigue reduction, so you can fish all day and feel stronger when the big grab comes home.

Stronger: By roughly 25%! Weight reduction is not much use unless you can maintain blank strength, but with the NRX series, the strength factor just went up roughly 20% at the same time. Amazing.

Components: From the cork to the guides and reel seats, the NRX series fly rods are fit with the top-tier fittings.

Accurate: So what if the rods are light and strong - unless they cast straight: NRX puts your fly in the hoop with the least bit of effort, at any skill level. Point and shoot. Dead on.

Long reach: Depending on the action and model, the NRX series rods, all but the spring creek specific models, are going to deliver long distance casting capability you never thought you possessed. Wind it up and let the rod's energy unleash another great long bomb. Just when you need it.