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Simms G4 Pro Jacket: Simms Deep Wading Jackets, Coats, Rain Gear


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Simms G4 Pro Jacket. Simms Guide Rain Coat. Simms Pro Rain Gear. Simms Guide Rainwear.

When Simms calls this G4 Pro Jackett the ultimate Wading jacket & Rain Coat, they're spot-on, BUT, they are being a little on the modest side too. The Simms G4 Pro Jacket takes the Simms Guide Jacket and it's qualities as a rain coat to the limits of imaginable performance and function for rainwear and Guide wear. The hood of the Simms G4 Pro, as a Guide rain coat, is beyond great. Zip it up and let'er rain, howl and sleet. The lining in the hood of the Simms G4 Pro Jacket around the neck and face area is soft and fuzzy. Nice work by the team of Simms fly fishing designers & product testers. The hand warmer pockets of the Simms G4 Pro Jacket are also soft and fuzzy and will hold spools of Maxima UltraGreen and still have room for us to jam our hands in when things get really squirley, weather wise.

Caddis Pro Staff Reviews of Simms Fly Fishing G4 Pro Jacket.

There is one problem our pro staff at the Caddis Fly have noted with the Simms G4 Pro Jacket that we didn't find quite so obvious with the Simms G3 Guide and Simms Classic Guide jacket rain coat. What is this slight issue? Imagine this. Imagine a dedicated fly fishing nut considering ABANDONING his or her trusty Simms fly fishing vest, because some fancy Simms G4 Pro Jacket holds all the gear a person really needs to Spey fish for salmon and steelhead, that the Simms fly fishing vest now seems, well, an un-needed extra?

Shocking. Unthinkable. We were reassured somewhat when we remembered that summer fishing wearing a Simms G4 Pro Jacket would be out-of-the-question, but the utility of the G4 Pro as both fly fishing vest and most excellent winter rain coat jacket became quite obvious.

The Simms G4 Pro Jacket has pockets on its pockets, but not too many pockets, if ya know what we mean. A large deep pocket on each side is topped with two slim 'over-pockets.' Here is what we do with these pockets.

One large main pocket in the Simms G4 Pro Jacket is reserved for a big fly box. The other main pocket is reserved for our large Rio Shooting head Wallet. The two slim over-pockets on each side carry tube flies and tube fly hooks in little zip-lok Baggies, a hook hone, a spare tippet spool, and five hundred-dollar bills, so we are prepared to generously tip our guide, who will most likely be wearing a Simms G4 Pro jacket, Simms G3 Guide Jacket or some such Simms rain coat, rain gear, and rainwear.

Oops, almost forgot to mention the really nice inner coat pocket of our Simms G4 Pro Jacket, where we carry our fly fishing license and a slim Pentax waterproof camera for easy access.

The simms G4 Pro Jacket also has two of those nifty pockets on front of the coat where Simms has concealed springy coil lanyard-like gizmos to hold our nippers or other need-to-have-quick-access items.

Think we are nutty for Simms rainwear, Simms Guide Coats, Simms Guide Jackets, and the G4 Pro Jacket in specificity? You betcha we are. Please pardon the repetition regarding Simms rain coats, jackets, and rain gear, but if you can't find our website, we can't provide your Simms rain gear and feed the kids.

New to the Simms G4 for 2015!

-Updated GORE-TEX is 15% lighter, and improved tear strength and abrasion resistance.

-9 Storage pockets for all your doodads and gadgets. Two massive chest pockets. Two zip hand warmer pockets. Two tippet pockets for, you know, tippet. One arm pocket for licenses. One internal pocket for copious amounts of cash. One large back storage pocket for another layer if you need it.

-Dry Cuff gasket on the wrists do better to keep water out while tailing fish or casting in rain.

-Improved pit vents are shortened to keep water out when wading deep.

-Improved collar with breath vent so condensation doesn't build but on the inside of the collar.

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