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Furled Mono and Fluorocaron Fly Fishing Leaders

light one is fluoro - second image is the big turner one

These Furled Monofilament and Fluorocarbon tapered leaders are excellent fly fishing leaders - they include tippet rings or a swivel to add tippet.

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Furled leaders? These tapered leaders are constructed like a braid that tapers from thick at the butt to thin at the tippet ring.

Mono Leaders are designed to float:

Fluorocarbon Leaders are designed to sink:

Ring or a swivel at the fine end of all tapered leaders make it simple to add on a tippet

Trout and bass options: the heaviest leaders have a swivel that prevents twist from huge flies and poppers.

The white leader is Fluorocarbon, the dark leader is mono - the swivel option is in the lower image.

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