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Forked Bling Tails


Forked Bling Tails are semi rigid fly tails you attach to a barrel swivel and wire assembly in the rear of your streamer patterns.

The Forked Bling tail is designed to spin and wiggle flinging a craven on all kinds of predator fish. Try Forked Bling Tails on your streamer patterns and see the results. Strip it fast or slow you will see the "signal light on and off" effect of the Bling Tail.

Each pack of Forked Bling Tails includes 6 each of Forked Bling Tails, barrel swivels, tail connectors, spring clips and small rubber stoppers.

The tails are easy to attach to the barrel swivel using the incorporated tab which is folded through the swivel loop and secured with zap-a-gap. Three sizes of Forked Bling Tails small hook size 8-12, medium hook size 1-6 and big game hook sizez 1 and up.

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