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Folstaf Wading Staff

This is a product of safety, portability and reliability. Often guys in the shop have referred to wading staffs as “the geezer stick”. Regardless of age, the Folstaf is must have for wading and from our experience, one of the best, if not the best on the wading staff market. Made from ¾” diameter aircraft grade aluminum, the strongest shock cord, cork grip, leather holster and folding to a mere 9” on your waist, the Folstaf is by far, the best wading staff. In addition to the features listed below, each Folstaf is covered under a limited life time warranty. We stock the 50” and 59” models of the folding Foldstaf Wading Staff. If you are 6ft and over we recommend the 59” model. You can also send in your Folstaf if you should break it or it’s in need of * repair and get it fixed! Not many wading staff manufactures can claim this type of repair. The cost will vary depending on the repair, but you get to approve the costs first! I broke one of my aluminum sections and had it repaired a few years ago… cost me $35. The cost included shipping, a new shock cord, new aluminum section and a new cork handle! Please, find another wading staff manufacturer that offers such a warranty or repair customer service! Stay safe, get your money’s worth….get a Folstaf! Customer service! Stay safe, get your money’s worth…. get a Folstaf!

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