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Fly fishing socks, wading & casual belts

Fly Fishing Socks and Belts: the Caddis Fly Shop is your first source for socks and belts that offer style and function for the angler and snappy dresser who just happens to fish in his or her spare time.

We fish, and we usually wear socks and belts while we do so: fish that is. Underwear may be optional, depending on local circumstances and tradition, but the socks and belts thing is pretty normal. Some of these sock options are definitely tailored to the needs of anglers wearing waders or flats boots. Some of the belts are as stylish as functional and we wear these around town as often as on the water.

We endorse each of these products; and we will be pleased to help you make a fit or model selection best suited for your individual needs.

Simms socks and belts for fly fishing: Simms specializes in fishing clothing and accessories; this means that they pay exhausting attention to detail when they design each sock or belt and make sure it is going to meet the demands of the angler. From wet wading to wader socks, and belts as perfect on the water as in the coffee shop, Simms has anglers in mind.

Patagonia socks and belts: The well deserved Patagonia name means that every sock or belt you choose from this manufacturer will perform as promised. Take a look at Patagonia socks and belts, we are guessing that you will find an option or a few that are perfect for your specific needs.

Wading and back support belts: some of the belts we offer are just for making us look good and holding up our pants. These are designed for use with waders to keep us safe and some offer back support plus these can be worn over waders or just anytime we are going to be standing and casting for hours on end.