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Fly Fishing Gloves

Fly Fishing Gloves: the Caddis Fly Shop is your first source for gloves that are specially designed for anglers fishing in all four seasons around the world.

We fish in sun drenched tropical flats, temperate estuaries, lakes, rain fueled steelhead rivers, and yes, even the ice! Gloves are a critical element of our arsenal of clothing accessories to keep the fishing comfortable and allow us to concentrate on the game.

We offer low prices, NO SALES TAXES and free shipping on most of the fine gloves we ship from the Caddis Fly Shop.

The gloves we sell are the gloves we wear when we fish; we endorse each of these products; and we can assist you in making a choice among these options:

Glacier Gloves and Mitts: the original neoprene cold weather glove option.

Patagonia gloves for cold and tropic fishing: Patagonia has earned a reputation for protecting our hands from sun, cold, and line cuts. The Caddis Fly Shop carries a great selection of gloves with proven value and performance.

Simms gloves and mitts for all seasons: Simms delivers a very wide array of excellent gloves we need when we are fishing in places like sun baked tropical flats to the coldest steelhead and salmon fishing environments.

Buff Gloves for sun, wind, and cold weather fishing: Buff gloves are AWESOME! Take a look and check out the options from Angler gloves, water gloves, and sport series fishing gloves.

Kast Steelhead Gloves: One of the most specialized products we carry, these are great gloves to wear when rowing and fishing for salmon and steelhead in nasty weather.