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SAGE has introduced it's latest rod with a specific focus on Euro Nymphing. SAGE SENSE Rods have a fantastic action and are built with generation 5 graphite like the Sonic and Maverick models existing in the SAGE line up. During Covid 19 we have a fully staffed professional team to continue to provide you with the most outstanding customer service experience possible. Our suppliers are struggling to keep up with our orders and general market demand. We are aggressively stocking our store daily. Some orders are still going out at light speed but others may experience delays.

Fish Skulls Baitfish Heads

Fish Skulls: fly tying beads, cones, eyes supplies & materials

Uh-oh. All big fish that like to eat little fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner had better close your eyes tight shut and run for cover. This new fly tying product has an unassuming name - Fish Skulls. Actually, it sounds like a halloween decoration product instead of a fly tying product.

Here is the deal. Some of us fly tying craftspersons really get tied up - yes you heard me - making the heads of streamers and baitfish patterns. We like to have eyes on our baitfish patterns. We like to have a smooth, durable, hydroponic shape. Ha ha, just kidding, hydroponics refers to growing stuff in the garage, not to making sure that our baitfish fly swims straight and true in the water. Just had to have some fun there.

Where were we. Oh yes. Fish Skulls.

Ok you streamer fly tying nuts. Listen up. This is a better alternative to epoxy, barbells, or doll eyes. Better? OK, letÕs be fair here. All of our old tried and true stuff still works, but these fly tying Fish Skulls do in fact offer an exciting new opportunity to very easily and effectively make a head on a baitfish pattern. These Fish Skulls go on fast, the Fish Skull is simple to use, and it is just weighted a little, so it is very reasonable to cast but still provides a little sinkage. Make sense? The Fish Skull is some fancy metal that is firm but not too heavy, so its size to weight ratio is perfect to not overweight the streamer. This Fish Skull product is NOT a fly tying gimmick.

The Fish Skull is virtually (which means almost completely but not quite) impervious to saltwater. This means that the fly tying Fish Skulls will stand up in great condition for more hours in the salty oceans than most of us will soak our flies anyway.

The Fish Skulll is versatile, and is adaptable for use with saddle feathers, Bucktail, Pseudohair, Fishhair, Yak hair, Krystal flash and Flashabou and gosh knows what else you streamer fly tying experts like to use. The Fish Skull provides a profile that really looks like the head of a baitfish, really does. This head shape includes the gill Š operculum, to be precise - and eyes. Nice touch. The front of the Fish Skull is a little blunted, not too much and not too little, which sends a pressure wave to draw predatory lunkers from afar to chomp your fly.

Fly tying Fish Skulls are offered in small, medium, and large sizes. Now that is refreshingly intuitive. The big Fish Skull is for the big guns rod sizes ten and up. Big rods and big fish. Middle of the team Fish Skull is more in the eight and up fly rod arena. Small Fish Skull product may be used on fly rods down to a five weight, so it could be used for sea run cutthroat and similar sized fish. One of the really cool features of the Fish Skull is that the dang thing will serve as a keel and keep our streamer swimming true with the hook down Š or with the hook in the up position. This is really nice. Eyes. Yep. We streamer and baitfish fly tying freaks love our eyes on our flies. Fish Skull fly heads come with beautiful 3D eyes of the PERFECT size when we purchase our little bag of Fish Skull heads. No guessing about what size eyes to buy.

The Small Fish Skullsl bag has ten, the medium bag has 8, and the large bag has 6 Fish Skull heads, each complete with a pair of eyes for each Fish Skull. Small size: Hooks 4-8; Medium size: Hooks 2-1/0; Large size Fish Skull: hooks 2/0-4/0.

There are a full dazzling array of seven colors offered in the fly tying Fish Skulls, including blue, silver, tan, chartreuse green, copper, gray, purple/pink pearl (think salmon, steelhead, Argentina browns, and Alaska, right?). These Fish Skulls are easy; yes really and sincerely easy to tie. No fooling or exaggeration.

Whether in plural - Fish Skulls, or in singular - Fish Skull - these/this are/is a great fly tying product.