Sage Maverick Saltwater Rods Now in Stock with Free Line. (details)
Sage Maverick Saltwater Rods rods are one of the best values in high performance salt specific rods. We are offering our current stock with a free line of your choice.

Fish Skull Frantic Tails

Fish Skull Frantic Tails add a realistic look and movement to your baitfish patterns. Frantic Tails are lightweight, bit-proof, synthetic material that looks great and wiggles great. They are made of tough synthetic material that is virtually industructable.

The Frantic Tail is attached to the hook in one step and the unique "flap" design. The flap design creates a hinge directly behind the bend of the hook. The hinge generates movement with any type of strip or very little current. The hinge also creates a connection point to the tail and virtually eliminates fouling.

Small and Medium - 8 per pack Large - 6 per pack

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