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Echo SR Switch Rod Complete Fly Fishing Outfit


Echo SR Switch Fly Rod Outfits include rod, reel, fly line and backing; just add fly, leader, water and fish.

Echo SR Switch rods are GREAT performers in line wts 6 through 8; this complete combo outfit will put you on the water with a balanced outfit and maximum versatility. FREE same day shipping with NO SALES TAX from the Caddis Fly Shop.

Angler Reviews and performance specifications for Echo SR Switch Rod Complete Outfits.

This complete Switch fly fishing outfit offers the assurance that you will hit the river with a well balanced outfit and cost savings.

How do I order the SR fly rod plus reel and line package? Locate the series of drop down menus above this text section. You will need to click on each drop-down to complete your order. First, select a rod wt. Second, select a reel type. Finally, select a fly line from the options offered. Make sense? Kindly email or call the Shop and we will handle your order directly, person to person. Also note that we provide the best line weight to match each rod, but if you wish to diverge and get a different line weight, add this comment in the notes on your order or give us a call.

Echo SR Fly Rod features:. These are all 10 ft, 4 piece rods offered in 6 wt, 7 wt and 8 wt line classes, and also include a rod tube.

What is included in the package: The Echo SR Switch rod, an Echo ION fly reel, and both backing and fly line matched to your rod.

Rod and Line wt matches: these are all the recommendations from Echo and we agree based on our own experience fishing these Switch rods.

SR 6 wt outfit: either an Airflo Skagit Switch 360 gr PLUS 20 lb floating shooting ine and backing; OR an Airflo Speydcator SD6.

SR 7 wt outfit: either an Airflo Skagit Switch 420 gr PLUS 20 lb floating shooting ine and backing; OR an Airflo Speydcator SD7.

SR 8 wt outfit: either an Airflo Skagit Switch 480 gr PLUS 20 lb floating shooting ine and backing; OR an Airflo Speydcator SD8.

This Echo SR Switch fly rod is a first rate rod plus reel plus line outfit for summer steelhead in the vast majority of conditions likely to be encountered from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest and BC to Alaska.

Calculate your Savings: Retail Price $ 545 with the Switch line; $ 530 with the Speydicator line. Versus Our Price: $480: very nice indeed

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