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Echo Glass Switch and Spey Rods


The ECHO GLASS Two Hand and Switch rod series delivers pure Modern/Retro fun for every long rod fly fisher; FREE SHIPPING and No Sales Tax plus Tim Rajeff innovation make this a remarkable deal!

This fiberglass rod series is Tim Rajeff’s answer to the question: can we add an extra measure of fun to an already enjoyable fly fishing experience?

ECHO GLASS Switch and Spey rods are seriously fun to fish.

With line classes from 6 wt through 8 wt, the GLASS Spey rod series covers the heart of large trout, steelhead and modest-size salmon fishing. GLASS Switch rods from 3 to 7 wt will give trout and steelhead options to play like they have never played before.

Angler Reviews of ECHO GLASS Switch and Spey rods are unanimous: these rods cast very nicely and are pure fun when you hook a fish.

the casting part takes a little acclimation, but the fun with fish is immediate and gratifying to everyone who has fished these rods. Combine a 7-weight fast action graphite Spey rod with a seven pound steelhead, and you get a ton of fun. Attach that same steelhead to the end of your leader on a 7 wt. ECHO GLASS Spey rod and your heart will be in your throat with excitement. You still have plenty of power in the GLASS rod but you will feel the pull and every throb clear into your bones.

Who should consider these GLASS Two Hand and Switch rods? From the novice to the expert, we think these rods are so much fun to fish that they deserve a place in everyone’s rod quiver. From anglers who only fish a little to professionals who fish several hundred days each year, these glass rods are simply and outrageously enjoyable to play fish on. Gotta feel it to understand. We have had the same experience with the single hand glass rods; darn it, they make ordinary trout feel like lunkers, and the lunkers seem even more impressive.

What is a reasonable casting distance with GLASS?

If you routinely make 100 ft casts with a fast action, high modulus two hander, you should down-size your expectations a little. ECHO GLASS two hand and switch rods are very good casting tools - not specialized distance rockets. At least 80% of the water we typically fish is still in range for the new ECHO GLASS two handers. It just takes a different feel to slow down and apply power to the stroke, but that heavy Intruder and Skagit head will still rock on these GLASS rods.

Adapting to GLASS: If you have been fishing fast carbon graphite two hand and switch rods, be prepared for a new learning curve with the ECHO GLASS. First slow down, then slow down even more. Let the rod do the work. The load will be deeper into the cork than even the DH II, and it may take you a half dozen casts to get the feel right. Then realize that there is power in the butt you probably aren’t using at first blush. If you grew up fishing glass the transition will come easier, and muscle memory will take over.


3 wt. ECHO GLASS Switch: Trout swingers in Montana wanted a switch rod that wouldn’t overpower ordinary sized fish. This rod is the answer. We fish more here on the Pacific coast than in the Rockies, so we are excited to fish this rod for sea runs, trout, and half pounders and in places like the Upper Rogue and Klamath rivers. This rod fishes overhead casts very well also. Think lakes and tidewater in addition to rivers for this rod.

4 wt. ECHO GLASS Switch: Excuse our repetition please, but this rod is the companion to the 3 wt GLASS SWITCH and in our dreams we are busily fishing harvest trout around Puget Sound, half pounders at Agness, and trout in central Oregon and Washington. Like the 3 weight GLASS Switch, this 4 wt. fishes overhead casts well and would make a great stillwater or estuary rod.

6 wt. ECHO GLASS Switch: Now we are moving up to a Switch rod that will handle really large trout and modest size steelhead. From the Skagit Pinks to the John Day, this rod will be fun to fish. Smallies? Bing them on.

7 wt. ECHO GLASS Switch: Now we are in the zone where big lake and sea run trout are in the crosshairs. This Switch rod will handle big wet flies, leeches, mouse patterns, and strike indicators, so get ready for a rod and mind bending experience.


6 wt. ECHO GLASS Two Hand: if you want a little more reach than you might get with the Switch GLASS, this 6 weight Spey rod might be a perfect answer. Steelhead, small salmon, and sea run trout around the world will make you quiver with the thrill of the fight on this rod. From dry flies to indicator fishing, this is an amazing GLASS rod you deserve to feel in hand.

7 wt. ECHO GLASS Two Hand: We are compelled to pick the 7 weight as the universal Spey rod for normal size steelhead, Atlantic salmon, and sea run brown trout. Be ready for a fair fight when you hook a hot fish on this rod.

8 wt. ECHO Glass Two Hand: Think winter on any coastal river, spring on that secret Columbia tributary, or summer on the mighty Deschutes. Relax and chuck that big leech out there, let it swing, and then listen to your line slice the water while your GLASS Spey rod bends to your hand as the fish runs. This is what the game is all about: you and the fish.

ECHO Glass Spey w/Tim Rajeff from Rajeff Sports on Vimeo.

ECHO Glass Trout Switch w/ Tim Rajeff from Rajeff Sports on Vimeo.

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ECHO GLASS 6 wt - Grain Window = 450-540; 450 gr Skagit Compact; 450 gr Skagit Switch; 450 gr Rage Compact; 450 gr Skagit Intermediate Compact; 450 gr Scandi Compact.

ECHO GLASS 7 wt – Grain Window = 480-590; 510 gr Skagit Compact; 510 gr Skagit Switch; 510 gr Rage Compact; 510 gr Skagit Intermediate Compact; 510 gr Scandi Compact.

ECHO GLASS 8 wt – Grain Window = 540-660; 570 gr Skagit Compact; 570 Skagit Switch; 570 Rage Compact; 570 gr Skagit Intermediate Compact; 570 Scandi Compact.

Specifications/Line Recommendations Chart: Echo Glass

Model Length Line Weight Pcs Weight Action
FG-3106 10’6” 3wt 4 5.9 oz Glass Fast
FG-4108 10’8” 4wt 4 6.3 oz Glass Fast
FG-6110 11’ 6wt 4 6.6 oz Glass Fast
FG-7110 11’ 7wt 4 6.7 oz Glass Fast
FG-6124 12’4” 6wt 4 8.1 oz Glass Fast
FG-7129 12’9” 7wt 4 8.6 oz Glass Fast
FG-8130 13’ 8wt 4 9.1 oz Glass Fast
Airflo Line Recommendations: Skagit Compact G2, Skagit Switch G2, NEW Skagit Scout, Rage Compact, Scandi Long, Delta Spey II

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