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Echo Dry Fly Rod


ECHO DRY fly rods offer true to line wt casting and precise placement of your flies at the distances characterizing realistic fishing conditions on small and moderate rivers and spring creeks.

ECHO 4-piece DRY fly rods:

offer the small stream fly angler an opportunity to stay true to line size and play the delicacy game admirably.

Five DRY line weights from 2 wt to 6 wt will serve you well as a trout angler in small and modest sized waters around the western US or the world From the mountain books of Colorado, to the Virginia brook trout streams like the Rapidan River, to the chalk stream creeks of the UK, the ECHO DRY is a delightful rod to fish.

2 and 3 wt DRY fly rods: These two rods are on the light side of the trout spectrum, and they will delight in your hand, especially when a 12 fish is pulling on the other end of the line.

4 wt to 6 wt DRY fly rods: We think these are in the heart of the trout anglers world with the five wt smack dab in the center.

Finesse is the name of the game here: DRY fly rods should best be cast on the water to fully appreciate their light weight and accuracy laying a little fly in the center of the feeding lane.

Nickel Silver reel seats on these DRY fly rods are appropriately sized to the rods.

We tend to have very few warranty issues with ECHO fly rods, but when we do, the service turn around time is minimum and the overall service is unsurpassed.

Our fly lining expectation for ECHO DRY fly rods is that they cast very well with the true fly line weight; we avoid WF lines that are bumped up in weight to suit many modern fast action fly rods. These are rods for finesse fly lines.

Blank: olive.

Thread color and accent colors: these seem translucent olive with no tip edging.

Guides: Easy flow stripper guide is ceramic, the guides are stainless of course.

Reel seat: anodized aluminum does not require maintenance.

Final thought: effortless casting and accurate fly presentation at genuine fishing ranges.

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