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Echo BASE Fly Rod


ECHO BASE fly rods offer solid performance at an unimaginable price point; cover the bases with lines 4 through 8 with a relaxed, medium fast casting stroke.

ECHO BASE fly rods. Amazing deal. This is genuine ECHO performance and durability, no questions about it. Anywhere from bluegill, bass, trout, steelhead, and modest size salmon are in the cross hairs of the ECHO BASE fly rods.

ECHO BASE rods are the perfect low-cost way to start fly fishing.

Tim Rajeff designed these rods to cast well and stand up to years of love on the water.

4 Piece design is ready to travel.

Fighting butt on the 8 wt. BASE rod aids playing large fish.

Modern fly rod technology the ECHO BASE rod delivers power and accuracy for the beginner, so the advanced caster will enjoy this rod too.

Least expensive starter or backup rod that is a genuine performer on the water.

The ECHO BASE rod may be low cost, but this rod has the Tim Rajeff mentality, juju, and reputation behind it.

Base 9ft 5wt = 3.7 ounces

Cast DT and WF lines wherever you fish, the BASE will launch any line and make you feel like you could challenge Tim to a Cast Off, but donít, because we have tried and he always wins.

ECHO Base with Tim Rajeff from Rajeff Sports on Vimeo.

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