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Echo Bad Ass Glass Fly Rod


ECHO Bad Ass Glass fly rods offer back to the future ECHO performance in a moderate action fly rod that will deliver smiles and dependable performance.

ECHO 4 piece Bad Ass Glass fly rods

offer an opportunity to feel the bend in your rod without worrying about it breaking: the retro casting plus the fish fighting joy of the 1950s; just better and bolder than ever!

ECHO Bad Ass Glass fly rods team a fast glass action with a full flex into the cork that will a deliver wide range of lines and is a delight to fight fish with.

Four Bad Ass Glass line weights from 8 wt to 12 wt cover the bases in both fresh water rivers, lakes, estuaries, flats, and the open ocean.

8 and 9 wt Bad Ass Glass fly rods: These two rods are on the threshold of the big fish sticks that fly anglers fish around the world. From flats permit, giant redfish, baby tarpon, king salmon, and stripers, these are great fly rods.

10 and 12 wt Bad Ass Glass fly rods: We think you will know the fish you will seek with these two fly rods. They are a little heavier at these line wts, but gosh they feel good in the hand. And the fight is a blast on these powerful rods.

Powerful, but lively: Bad Ass Glass fly rods must be felt in hand on the water to be truly appreciated

Fighting Butts on the Bad Ass Glass fly rods are appropriately sized to the rods.

We have very few warranty issues with ECHO fly rods, but when we do, their service is unsurpassed.

We find an unusually wide variety of fly lines that cast very well with these Bad Ass Glass fly rods because they are extremely forgiving in their responsiveness. You can line them on the light side or on the heavy side and they will still perform flawlessly if you adjust your stroke appropriately. Frankly, these may be the most forgiving and adaptable fly rods in their line class that we have ever seen.

Bad Ass Glass fly rod blank color: These new for 2017 fly rods are a radiant translucent blue color: stunning.

Thread color and accent colors: these are translucent sky blue, no accent thread tipping here.

Guides: Easy flow stripper guide is ceramic, the guides are stainless of course.

Reel seat: anodized aluminum does not require maintenance.

Final thought: big open water isnít the only place to fish these rods. How about bigmouth bass in the brush? How about kings in the estuary? How about the mangrove jungle? How about peacock bass in South America. Glass is back with big fish.

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