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Echo 3 Switch Rod with Airflo Skagit Switch Head


Guide Reviews of Echo 3 Switch Fly Rods and a no-cost Airflo Skagit Switch Head

In every respect, Echo 3 Switch fly rods are impressive, especially when fished with an Airflo Skagit Switch. Right out of the rod tube, the Echo 3 Switch fly rod is recognizable as a product of Tim Rajeff's commitment to produce the highest quality fly rods at the most competitive prices. The Echo 3 Switch joins the ranks of other Echo products like the Echo 3 Freshwater fly rods, the Echo 3 Saltwater fly rods, and the Echo SR series of Switch Rods.

Echo 3 Switch fly rod = High Modulus Graphite = high performance.

Echo 3 Switch fly rods represent a step-up from the standard Echo Switch rod. We have fished both fly rods and both offer great casting and fish-playing on the water.

Echo 3 Switch fly rods are different. The standard Echo SR series and the Echo 3 series of Switch rods are both great fly rods. What does the Echo 3 series offer over the SR series? Let us count the ways.

High modulus graphite. This is not just a fancy irrelevant catch-phrase. Up-grading the graphite used to create the rod blank requires more expense in the base graphite cloth material, closer engineering tolerances, and more exacting manufacturing process, start to finish. The result is worth the extra investment.

Echo lifetime warranty. Yep, in our experience, Echo offers the best, fastest warranty service in the industry.

Echo 3 Switch fly rod field report. Forget the promotional literature. Who cares about SIC stripper guides anyway. The real question is this: how will the Echo 3 Switch fly rods fish? Here is what we have found, Switch rods cover the territory between a traditional nine-foot single-hand rod and a pure Spey rod of twelve or more feet in length. At 11 ft, the Echo 3 Switch rods rate among the finest we have fished, of any manufacturer, including Switch rods at higher price points.

The 6 wt. Echo 3 Switch rod is a dandy rod for big trout, from the great lakes to Alaska to Chile. Summer steelhead? You bet. Maybe not the choice for twenty pounders on the Clearwater, but this Echo 3 six wt Switch rod is every bit up to the task of summer steelhead or lake-run trout fishing.

The 7 wt Echo 3 Switch rod is a most delightful summer steelhead rod, and it will get the job done in winter flows too, depending on the circumstances.

The 8 wt Echo 3 Switch rod is an extremely versatile fly fishing tool. This rod will overhand cast with shooting lines in lakes and estuaries and beaches. This rod is up to the challenge of winter steelhead, silvers, chums, giant brown trout, and stripers too. You know the drill, a rod can be very adaptable, the angler just needs to be thoughtful about line and leader choices, and learn the capabilities of the rod in question. Point is, this Echo 3 8 wt is one versatile fly rod and merits your consideration and imagination to put it to the test.

Echo 3 Switch rod applications. These Switch fly rods do it all. Not surprising, but we fished a big range of lines like the Airflo Switch, the Airflo Rage Compact, Airflo 40+, and the Aifrlo Speydicator. We have fished damp, dry, dead drift, and on the swing with various lines and in waters from brush crowded coastal rivers to wide open, even bottom, cast-as-far-as-you-like runs. Honestly, many of the Switch rods on the market today are great performers under all of these conditions; it is just that the Echo 3 series strikes us as being among the best of the litter.

Echo 3 Switch rods cost more than the Echo SR series. Ok. They are lighter, they are slimmer, and they are simply “hot” rods. With a very similar deflection curve as the standard SR series, the Echo 3 Switch rods “unload” stored energy more crisply – a consequence of their high modulus – and therefore allow anyone to simultaneously feel the rod load but cast tighter loops and faster line speeds than possible with the SR series of Switch fly rods.

Final factoids about Echo 3 Switch fly rods. Color: beautiful pearl-green (a dark flossy green). Rod handles: these are full metal and require one to fish at least a hundred days a year to maintain their proper positive attitude. Rod tube: Timmie Rajeff got it in his mind that a rod tube should be angular, so that it doesn’t roll around. Thanks for this Tim. Assembly of the Echo 3 is fast and furious thanks to the dots to assist lining up the two sections. Guides and tip are durable chrome without being overly bulky or adding excessive weight.

The handles on the Echo 3 Switch fly rods are high quality, genuine cork and as nice as we have seen.

Specifications/Line Recommendations Chart: Echo 3

Model Length Line Weight Pcs Weight Action
E3-6110 11í 6wt 4 5.7 oz Fast
E3-7110 11í 7wt 4 6 oz Fast
E3-8110 11í 8wt 4 6.3 oz Fast
Airflo Line Recommendations: Skagit Switch, Skagit Switch G2, NEW Skagit Scout, Switch Streamer

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