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Echo 3 Two Hander Spey Fly Rods with FREE Airflo Skagit Compact Head


Caddis Fly staff Reviews of Echo 3 Two Hander Fly Rods with a Free Airflo Skagit Compact Head and our ususl Fast Free Shipping plus NO SALES TAX

Echo 3 Two Hander Spey fly rods are a clearly distinguishable, exciting, and most agreeable addition to the existing line of Echo Spey rods like the Echo Dec Hogan and the Echo Tim Rajeff Spey rods that we learned to depend on, season after season, river after river, tug after tug.

FREE FLY LINE with Echo 3 Spey Two Handers

Yep. Check it out and select the Airflo line of your choice when you order.

A new Echo Spey Rod niche. Adding to already wonderful array of Spey fly rods produced by Rajeff sports. These Echo 3 Two Handers offer a Spey fly rod niche that is quite different from both the Dec Hogan and the Tim Rajeff Spey rods, so read on to learn a little about these Echo 3 Two Handers.

Spey Line compatibility. In addition to the usual list of Spey fly lines, Echo 3 Two Handers cast the Delta Spey with great style, so this Spey rod series offers a refined fishing instrument for men and women who are looking for a rod that will cast a longish belly line. The 6 wt., 7 wt., and 8 wt. Echo 3 Two Handers all cast the Airflo Skagit Switch, the Rage Compact , the Skgit Compact , and the Scandi Compact, making them extremely versatile and fun to fish in all sorts of flowing water environments.

What does the Echo 3 Two Hander Spey rod series offer over the Dec Hogan or Tim Rajeff TR series of Spey fly rods?

Echo 3 Two Handers built with high modulus graphite. This is the key up-grade from Echos already stellar Spey rod line. Both Echo 3 Switch Rods and these Echo 3 Two Handers are crafted with High Modulus graphite cloth and advanced proprietary resins. These are not simply appealing bits of ear candy. The overall reduction in blank weight, reduction in blank inertia, improved recovery energy, and overall appearance of the finished rod is outstanding.

Echo lifetime warranty. Once again, based on personal experience, Echo offers the best, fastest warranty service in the industry and we add to this compliment, Echo fly rods have among the lowest failure rate of any high-end rods we fish and recommend to our clients.

Echo 3 Two Hander Spey fly rod field review. The Echo fly rod catalog barely scratches the surface. Aside from the usual in-shop or parking lot rod wiggle, we fished the Echo 3 Two handers and we love them period. Considering our experience with the entire line of Echo fly rods, and especially the Switch and Spey fly rods, the Echo 3 Two Handers are light, crisp casting Spey rods that are at allowed each of us, at different casting and skill levels, to fish better, no matter the conditions and lines we used.

At 12 7 - The 6 wt. Echo 3 Two Hander Spey rod is our first choice for fishing summer steelhead; then too, this six weight Spey rod is a perfect companion fishing some of our favorite winter steelhead haunts. Though only a 6 wt, this rod will cast modest sink tips and put our big flies as far out into steelhead waters as we wish. Fishing 10 lb. Maxima tippets gives us plenty of pulling power and the rod has the mojo to handle the fish we hook in open water. The Echo 3 Two Hander is a Spey rod that will fish the Sandy and Clackamas, the Deschutes and the Rogue and the John Day.

At 13 - The 7 wt Echo 3 Two Hander Spey rod is our favorite all-round pick for all-season steelhead and silvers. We choose the Echo 3 Two Hander seven weight when we might be fishing a long belly line with skated flies in the morning, and changing out for a 15 T-14 tip in the afternoon. The Rod is light but carries itself with sufficient authority to face big fish and big water.

At 13 4 - The 8 wt Echo 3 Two Hander Spey rod is what we turn to as our big gun for winter steelhead, big sink tips, howling wind, and modest size salmon. This rod will cast with shooting lines in lakes and estuaries and beaches. This rod is up to the challenge Our Delta Spey of winter steelhead, silvers, chums, giant brown trout, and stripers too. You know the drill, a rod can be very adaptable, the angler just needs to be thoughtful about line and leader choices, and learn the capabilities of the rod in question. Point is, this Echo 3 8 wt is one versatile fly rod and merits your consideration and imagination to put it to the test.

Echo 3 Two Hander Spey rod applications. Pick your Spey rod destination and pack your reel bag with lines like the Airflo Switch, the Airflo Rage Compact, Airflo 40+, and the Aifrlo Speydicator. We have fished damp, dry, dead drift, and on the swing with various lines and in waters from brush crowded coastal rivers to wide open, even bottom, cast-as-far-as-you-like runs. Honestly, many of the Switch rods on the market today are great performers under all of these conditions; it is just that the Echo 3 series strikes us as being among the best of the litter.

Echo 3 Two Hander Spey rods deliver the goods. Ok. Echo 3 Two Handers feel lighter, they are noticeably slimmer, and these Spey rods are boomers. These Echo 3 Spey fly rods store energy as the D loop forms, and unleash it .

Here is what the catalog says about Echo 3 Two Hander fly rods. Blank Color: is described as metal pearl-green (it is a dark glossy green). The reel handle on these Echo 3 Two handers will stand up to any deliberate or inadvertent abuse you may dish out. Rod tube: Nice easily visible dot-marks on the blank sections help get the rod put together in the dim light of early morning. Echo 3 Spey Two Handers are wrapped, guided, and tip-toped with high quality components. Cork used to assemble handles on the Echo 3 Two Handers are simply super.

Bottom line: The boys and girls at Rajeff Sports hit a center-field home run when they teamed with our friend Mariusz Wroblewski to design these Spey rods.

Specifications/Line Recommendations Chart: Echo 3

Model Length Line Weight Pcs Weight Action
E3-6127 127 6wt 4 6.8 oz Med Fast+
E3-7130 13 7wt 4 7 oz Med Fast+
E3-8134 134 8wt 4 7.2 oz Med Fast+
Airflo Line Recommendations: Skagit Compact G2, NEW Skagit Scout, Rage Compact, Scandi Long, Delta Spey II

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