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Echo 3 Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod


The ECHO 3 Saltwater fly rod series is upgraded with titanium guides and a faster tip action – solid performance in the salt anywhere and any season.

Tim Rajeff had a devil of a time figuring out how to improve on an already great and value –priced saltwater rod, but he manages with two simple changes: new guides and a new tip action.

ECHO 3 Saltwater rods are better than ever: although honestly many anglers might overlook the difference.

I wondered if I, an average caster would notice, so I got my hands on one of these new saltwater Echo 3 rods and glory be I found that the difference in tip speed and my casting accuracy seemed better in my hand. Of course this is much a matter of personal preference and sales hype, I know. But I found the rod seeming more responsive than my old generation Echo # SW rod, so I am one happy camper.

Reviews of ECHO 3 saltwater fly rods are to this date unerringly favorable:

they load up close and allow accurate casts just off the bow to out near the full reach of any caster. Most of our clients fish in the 30 to 70 ft range. The new for 2016 Echo 3 saltwater rods with redesigned faster action tips make it even more of a sure thing that the average caster will hit the mark in close and way out. If you are a genuine 90 ft caster you will be able to make the cast with this rod just like if you were fishing an 800 buck rod.

Why choose the Echo 3 over any other fly rod? Performance, durability, action, cosmetics and warranty service.

Why choose the Echo 3 over the Echo ION XL?

You will figure this one out but here are some thoughts. Durability is equal between the two rods. Both look sharp: the Echo 3 SW is deep blue versus black for the ION XL. Componentry is a notch up on the Echo 3 and the titanium guides are lighter and the action of the E3 is faster overall than the ION. Both are great fly rods for the salt. The Echo 3 with faster action and titanium guides is the specialist rod while the ION XL is a very good rod at a more comfortable price point. If you can afford the Echo 3 SW rod, you will not be disappointed, so get it.

Are so called saltwater rods really different from freshwater fly rods: Yes they absolutely are! Stronger butt sections. More lifting power. Usually the saltwater rods have faster actions that will allow you to punch a cast into the wind ever more so than if you were fishing a freshwater rod.

6 wt. ECHO 3 Saltwater Titanium Guide fly rod: We fish Pacific black rockfish and silver salmon from dory boats out of Pacific City with this rod. You could fish any species that normally is suited to the light side of the saltwater game including bonefish.

7 wt. ECHO 3 Saltwater Titanium Guide fly rod: The seven wt fly rod is more often the first choice for bones and light permit fishing, but you will be able to decide. Of course, the flats fly angler would be well served to have rods from 6 wt through 8 wt all rigged and read to go depending on the conditions of the moment.

8 wt. ECHO 3 Saltwater Titanium Guide fly rod: Permit, very large bonefish, baby tarpon, large silver salmon, small king salmon, and lingcod are all worthy targets for this fly rod.

9 wt. ECHO 3 Saltwater Titanium Guide fly rod: Stripers and blues. King salmon and chums in Alaska. Giant Redfish. Modest tarpon. The sky and the angler has the options here and the options are very wide indeed.

10 wt. ECHO 3 Saltwater Titanium Guide fly rod: Big king salmon are on the menu for this fly rod. So are honorable size tarpon. If you fish a ten wt in the ocean you know if this rod is right or not. A bit light for Albacore, but doable. Just takes a long time to seal the deal.

11 wt. ECHO 3 Saltwater Titanium Guide fly rod: The 11 wt fly rod is something of a very personal choice for each angler. Some fish the 10 or 12 wt rods. Some fish the 9 wt or 11 wt rods. This is a wonderful age in which we can worry ourselves over these choices, yes?

12 wt. ECHO 3 Saltwater Titanium Guide fly rod: We fish these for Pacific albacore and big tarpon. You could fish any species of your choice with these powerful twelve wt fly rods.

Lifetime ECHO Warranty