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OPST Dumbbell Eye Shanks


OPST Dumbbell Eye Shanks allow the most secure platform for weighted eyes and allow you to create superb Intruders tied on shanks: IN STOCK, No Sales TAX, and Free Shipping on most orders

There is a wide variety of excellent products available for tying Intruders and semi intruders. That said, we have found these OPST Dumbbell eye shanks to be very solid quality and definitely merit your consideration.

Why purchase OPST Products from the Caddis Fly Shop? This is a simple one. Did we mention NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING? But that is not the only reason to shop here. We donít only sell these OPST Products, we tie on them and fish them and work with the OPST team to provide feedback and customer service all the time. Plus the fact that you can get all of your other materials and fly fishing gear here too. That is why we are working to provide all of your OPST needs plus excellent customer service.

25 shanks in each pack

Why not simply use the standard OPST shanks? Because these are constructed with a loop return eye instead of a small closed eye, they provide a platform where there is an area just behind the hook eye where you have a flat surface formed by the two parallel sections of wire shaft: this makes a very secure foundation to lash on your dumbbell eyes. When we forget how to spell dumbbell we say barbell because both terms are accurate.

Size options: at 20 mm, 45 mm and 60 mm, you will be able to tie the vast range of Intruder style flies for species ranging from trout, bass, salmon, steelhead and who knows what else.

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